Title: Letter from Grace to Rummy, June 19, 1920


Letter to Rummy from Grace. Wattles, Gurdon W. - Miscellaneous papers. 1 sheet previously folded in quarters. Text Reads: LOCUST VALLEY, LONG ISLAND
P.S. Kay sends her best.
June 19 '20.
12.30 A.M.
Dearest Rummy:
Well, here we are to-gether again, meaning Kay & I of course. First of all, I must say that I hope you will be able to read this scrawl, but this pen is just abominable & I can't write with it at all.
Blunt called for me yesterday afternoon & stayed at
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The house while we played some new records. I brought a whole pile with me & I wish you'd seen the stack of music I brought. I picked out alot [sic.] of the old ones too & brought about all the music I own.
We had a fine ride to Oyster Bay, went along Motar Parkway and did some speeding & altogether had a fine time. Blunt said that he is not going to take me home at that speed.  (Who said that?)
Last night Tom Fraser was over for dinner, because at the last minute, the brother of the
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other girl who is with us, couldn't come until to-day, so we were shy a man. Hence Tom came to the rescue.
After dinner we saw a movie called ÒThe Diamond Necklace.Ó It was terrible, no point to it at all. Then we took up the rug in the hall, started the vic going & danced until eleven-thirty.
We came over here about an hour ago. Carmen (the other gir) & Donald, one of the boys are playing tennis. Kay & I have been playing & singing, as usual, then sat out in the sun, while it was shining just
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came in to get warm.
[Illegible] & Blunt are out playing golf & Mrs. Doubleday will be here in a few min. then we are all going to have lunch to-gether. Oh, I must tell you, yesterday on the way over Blunt told me about having to play golf this morning with his aunt & not knowing how he was going to tear himself away from me for that long. And when we got to the house, his aunt said "Well, Blunt did you break the sad news to Grace about to-morrow morning. I guess she'll survive all right but I don't know about you." Now what do you think about that? Well, Margie, not a word, but I think Blunt really does like me, from all the things he has said, as well as things Kay & her aunt say. Well I know. I like him [illegible] And he's promised to write to me. Mrs. Doubleday has arrived so will have to write [illegible] in my next. Loads of love, Grace.