Title: Peace Jubilee Dinner Menu


Peace Jubilee Dinner Menu. Formal menu with envelope. Bound with white satin ribbon in top left corner. Cover imprinted with gold embossed seal of the United States and U.S. Flags in color. Interior pages include image of U.S. Government Building and Menu printed over image of Twin Tower Restaurants from vantage point of east end of the lagoon. Back Cover embossed with gold exposition seal. Interior text reads as follows: "Peace Jubilee Dinner in honor of The President of the United States. The Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition, Omaha. Wednesday, October twelfth, 1898." 

"Menu. Blue Points, Celery. Clear Green Turtle, Olives, Radishes. Planked Whitefish, with fine Herbs, Dressed Cucumbers. Braised Lamb Chops, French Peas. Sauterne. Presidential Punch. Roast Canvasback Duck with Cresses, Hominy. Champagne. Lettuce Salad. Ice Cream in Forms. Cakes. Fruits. Brie Cheese. Crackers. Coffee.