Title: Peace Jubilee Souvenir Programme with note


Peace Jubilee Program. 1 program with envelope. Includes hadwritten list of day's events on Union National Bank stationary. Details of daily exercises are listed, including those for Civil Government Day on October 14, Children's Jubilee Day on October 15, President's Day on October 12, Army and Navy Day on October 13, Mayors' Day on October 10, and Governors' Day on October 11.  Participants include Chief Justice Fuller; Secretary of the Treasury, Lyman J Gage; Jas. Wilson, Secretary of Agriculture; C. N. Bliss, Secretary of the Interior; President William McKinley, Post Master General, Chas. Emory Smith; John D. Long, Sec'y of Navy; Rear Admiral, Geo. Dewey; Rear Admiral, W. T. Sampson; Rear Admiral, W. S. Schley; Russell A. Alger, Secretary of War; Maj. Gen, Joseph Wheeler; Maj. Gen. N.A. Miles; Maj. Gen. W.R. Shafter; and Silas A. Holcomb, Governor of Nebraska. Events include War Balloon Ascension, Illustration of Life-saving Service, Fireworks, Parades, Music by Innes' Band, Sham Battle by Indian Tribes, Lunches, and Dinners.