Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition Official Catalogue of Fine Arts Exhibit, Illustrated


Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition

Official Catalogue of Fine Arts


Price 25 Cents


Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition.

June 1 to Novemenber 1, 1898.


Gurdon W. Wattles...President

Alvin Saunders...Resident Vice-President

Herman Kountze...Treasurer

John A. Wakefield...Secretary

T. S. Clarkson, General Manager.


Zachary. T. Lindsey...Chairman and Manager Department Ways and Means

Edward Rosewater...Manager Department Publicity and Promotion

Freeman P. Kirkendall...Manager Department Buildings and Grounds

Edward E. Bruce...Manager Department Exhibits

Abram L. Reed...Manager Department Concessions and Privileges

Wm. N. Babcock...Manager Department Transportation


Walker & Kimball, Boston and Omaha...Sup'v'g Architects

Eames & Young, St. Louis...Fine Arts Building


Department of Exhibits.

E. E. BRUCE, Manager. H. B. HARDT, Assistant.

Office, Manufactures Building Gallery, Exposition Grounds.

Bureau of Fine Arts.













Jules Rolshoven, England

T. B. Walker, Minn.

Fredk. Mayer, France

F. L. Ridgely, Mo.

Dr. C. H. De Groot, Holland

J. W. Bookwalter, N.

W. M. R. French, Ill.

F. Duveneck, Ohio

J. L. Griffith, Ind.

Danl. Baugh, Penn.

S. N. Crosby, Mass.

Theo. Cooley, Tenn.

C. L. Freer, Mich.

J. L. Mitchell, Wis.





IT has been the aim of the Art Department to form a collection of pictures which might show the various phases of art expression by characteristic and meritorious works of leading painters of the various schools, and which should include examples of the Academic, Realist, Naturalist and Impressionist styles of painting. In other words the endeavor has been made to form a collection that shall be interesting and entertaining, and also educational both to the general exposition visitor and to the artist and amateur as well. The limitations imposed by the construction of the building, of materials not absolutely permanent and fire-proof, has somewhat limited the range of schools and the importance of examples, but the hope is expressed that, notwithstanding, the collection will accomplish the design with which it was formed.

An examination of the catalogue and of the pictures in detail will show that most of the leading American and foreign artists are represented, and an opportunity —seldom offered to the people of the Trans-Mississippi states —is given to examine at leisure and in a public exhibition works of art covering important examples of all the schools.

The sculpture is almost exclusively American and very fairly represents the scope and direction of the recent revival of sculpture, both purely artistic, and also decorative and architectural, which is so marked in this country.

In addition to original works of art in painting and sculpture, there will be noticed a small but carefully selected collection of reproductions by   autotype and otherwise, of old master-pieces of painting and sculpture, and original cartoons and carbon reproductions of recent important mural painting, which has been done by native and foreign artists in this country, and which will afford many visitors an opportunity not otherwise available to form an idea of what has been and is being done in those branches of art.

The art department desires to express its acknowledgement of and thanks for the courtesy and generosity of the various artist contributors, owners of pictures, and those who otherwise have aided in the formation of the present exibit. The names of the former occur in the catalogue; among the latter may be mentioned especially, Mr. Charles M. Kurtz and Mr. Halsey C. Ives, Director of the Art Museum, St. Louis, Missouri; Mr. W. M. R. French, Director of the Chicago Art Institute; M. M. Durand-Ruel, Paris and New York; Mr. Russell Spaulding, New York; Mr. H. P. Whitmore, Omaha; the Directors of the Detroit Museum of Art; Mr. Charles F. Haseltine, of Philadelphia; M . Fredrick Mayer, Paris; Messrs. Ad. Braun et Cie, of Dornach, Paris and New York; Messrs. Curtis and Cameron, Boston; M. Michel Levi, Paris; Mrs. C. O. Hanford, William Dole, esqre., Hon. R. Hall McCormick, and Wm. O. Cole, esqre., Chicago; The Art Institute, Chicago; Mr. Geo. Busse and William T. Evans, esqre., of New York; and Hon. Theo. Cooley, Nashville.



Page TITLE, ARTIST, Catalogue No.

2 East end Grand Court

3 Fine Arts Building across the Lagoon

4 Interior of West Building

5 Interior of East Building

6 Interior of East Building showing Lobby

7 Interior of Court, Fine Arts Building

8 Students on a Lark, Amell, 11

9 The Miniature, Birney, 39

10 Dordrecht, Boudin, 35

11 Rocks at Low Tide, Bricher, 36

12 An Awful Yarn, Brown, 66

13 After the Bath, Caliga, 86

14 Souvenir de la Tomise, Clays, 131

15 Departure of the Fishermen, Dessar, 150

16 A Kitten Family, Dolph, 149

17 In the Pasture, 144

18 Lord Howe's Levee, Ferris, 202

19 Spanish Scene, Fortuny, 219

20 Waste Lands, Gay, 233

21 Vegetable Market, Gilbert, 242

22 Surrender of New Amsterdam, 289

23 Departure of the Mayflower, Harrison, 264

24 Autumn, Hassam, 257

25 Norman Bull, Howe, 267

26 Arbas Bathing Horses, Huguet, 261

27 Gone, Joullin, 306

28 St. Ives, Priez pour Nous, Kendall, 322

29 The Seine at Paris, Lapostolet, 338

30 Leaving the Dessert, Lazerges, 341

31 Morning in the Woods, Leigh, 345

32 Minuet, Lemaire, 326

33 A Wordless Farewell, Lorenz, 329

34 Boar Hunt, Melin, 350

35 Last Moments, Mosler, 349

36 Dressing the Baby, Neuhuys, 386

37 Sunlight on the Sea, Nicoll, 390

38 Roses, Park, 407

39 The Widow, Perrault, 410

40 Neptune, Perry, 792

41 Rabbit, Pirie, 414

42 Hen and Chickens, Pirie, 416

43 Dawn, Reid, 454

44 Off Sark, Richards, 457

45 Charles the Bold (Fragment), Roybet, 470

46 In the Pool, Sieber, 487

47 The Coming Shower, Wiles, 564

48 Floor Plan, Fine Arts Building












































































THE WIDOW.—Perrault.










OFF SARK.—Richards.












ABBEMA, Louise —Paris. Born at Etampes (Seine et Oise), France. Pupil of Chaplin, Henner, Carolus Duran. Member of Society of French Artists. Pictures in the Museums of Pau, Amsterdam, etc., etc. Honorable mentions in the Salons, and many professional distinctions.

1 Snow.

2 Le Jardinier.

ADAMS, Charles Partridge —Denver. Born, Franklin, Mass. Self taught.

3 The Grand Crater (Northern Colorado).

ALEXANDER, John W.—New York. Born, Pittsburgh, Pa. Pupil of many masters.

4 The Yellow Girl.

ALBRIGHT, A. E.—Chicago. Born, Monroe, Wis. Pupil of Art Institute, Chicago; Pennsylvania Academy Fine Arts, also a student in Munich and Paris.

5 "Yankeedoodle."

ASHLEY, Anita—New York.

6 Woman Reading.

7 Flower of the Plum.

AHLBERG, Emtl—Minnetonka Mills. Born, Gottenburg, Sweden, 1865. Pupil of A. Collmander.

8 A warm Day.

9 Evening, Lake Minnetonka.


AMELL, Manuel—Barcelona. Born, Barcelona, Spain. Pupil of Jose Serra-y-Porson. Awarded gold medal at Niraes, France; third-class medal International Exposition, Madrid; bronze medal at Lille, Prance.

10 A Farm Kitchen. (Catalina.)

11 Student on a Lark. (Catalina.)

ANSHUTZ, Thos. P.—Philadelphia.

12 Portrait.

13 Sketch of a Child. (Pastel.)

AULT, Chas. H.—Cleveland, O. Born, Iroquois, Canada. Member Society Western Artists.

14 The Promenade Deck.

15 Eventide.

BOUGUEREAU, William Adolphe—Born at La Rochelle, Nov. 30, 1825. Pupil of Picot. Prize of Rome, 1850. Medals: 1855,1857,1867. Legion of Honor, 1859. Member of the Institute of France, 1876. Officer of the Legion of Honor, 1876. Medal of Honor, Universal Exhibition, 1878. Medal of Honor, 1885. Commander of the Legion of Honor, 1885. Medal, Universal Exhibition, 1889. Hors Concours.

16 Pandora.

BONINGTON, Richard Parkes—Born at Arnold, near Nottingham, England, Oct. 25, 1801. Died in London. Sept. 23rd, 1828. Student in the Ecole des Beaux- Arts. Paris. Gold medal, 1824.

17 Marine.

BENASSIT, Emile —Born in London, England. Pupil of Mr. Picot. Resides in Paris.

18 En Reconnaissance.

BONVIN, Francois Saint—Born at Vaugirard, near Paris, Sept. 22, 1817. Self taught; studied Dutch painters in the Louvre, then painted subjects from the life of the working classes of Paris. Medals: 3d class, 1849; 2d class, 1851; Legion of Honor, 1870. Hors Concours.

19 La Men ag ere.


BERCHERE, Narcisse—Born at Etampes (Seine et Oise) France. Medals: 3d class, 1859, 1861, 1864, 1878; Legion of Honor, 1870. Hors Concours.

20 Scene d'Orient.

BAKER, Martha S. —Chicago. Born, Evansville, Ind. Pupil Art Institute, Chicago. Awarded first prize for miniatures Architectural Salon, Chicago, 1897. Teacher at the Art Institute.

21 Character from Artists' Carnival.

(Water color. )

22 Portrait of Miss Rowena Higglnson.


BARNARD, Edward H.—Boston. Born, Belmont, Mass., 1855. Pupil of J. B. Johnson; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Boulanger, and R. Collin, Paris. Medal for portrait and landscape, Mechanics Institute, Boston. Honorable mention Tennessee Centennial. Teacher of drawing, Bradford Academy, Mass.

23 "River Weeders."

24 "Sunlight and Mist."

25 —"Pasture Land Mystic Valley, Conn."

BARNY, Alice P.—Washington, D. C Born, Cincinnati Ohio. Pupil of Carolus Duran.

26 "In My Looking Glass." BISHBING, S—Cincinnati, Ohio.

27 "Spring in Holland." BEAUQUESNE, W. C?

28 "At Bay." Loaned by Mrs. E. K. Cole,


BEAUVERIE, Charles—Paris. Born at Lyons, France, 1839. Pupil of Beaux Arts and Gleyre. Member of Society of French Artists. H. C. Chevalier of the Legion of Honor.

29 Lake of Aydat. (France.)

30 L'Arbre Anniversaire.


BENVENUTI, Roberto—New York. Born, Rome. Italy. Pupil of Professor Guerci of the Royal Academy, Rome. Awarded medals at Turin, 1889, and Rome, 1891.

31 At Confidence. (Pastel.)

BIERSTADT, A.—New York. Elected a member of the National Academy in 1860. Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, 1867. Medals: Austria, Germany, Bavaria and Belgium. Order of St. Stanislaus, Russia, 1869; 2d class, 1872; Imperial Order of the Medjidii, from the Sultan of Turkey, 1886; also medals, etc., etc.

32 Falls of St. Anthony. (As seen by Father Hennepin, the discoverer, 1680.)

BOUDIN, Eugene —Born at Honfleur (Calvados). Medals: 3d class, 1881; 2d class, 1883; gold medal, Universal Exposition, 1889; Legion of Honor, 1892.

33 Pecheuses de Crevettes.

34 Vaches au bord d'une Rivere.

35 Vue de Dordrecht.

BRICHER, A. T.—New York. Born at Portsmouth, N. H., 1839. Self taught. Associate National Academy of Design. Member American Water Color Society.

36 "Rocks at Low Tide."

BILLOTTE, Nini—Paris. Born at Yarbes in 1846. Pupil of Eugene Fromentin. Charter member Societe des Beaux Arts. Pictures in all Salon exhibitions since 1878. Chevalier of the Legion Honor. H. C. Silver medal, Paris Exposition, 1880.

37 On the Yalle.

BUTLER, Ed S., Jr.—Cincinnati, O—Born, Cincinnati, O. Self taught. Member of Cincinnati Art Club.

38 "October on the Markelewah."


BIRNEY, W. Verplanck—New York. Born, Cincinnati, O. Pupil Eakins, Benzur and Lindenschmidt. Member of Brooklyn Art Club, New York Water Color Club, Philadelphia Sketch Club.

39 The Miniature.

40 Reveries of a Bachelor.

BLANEY, Dwight —Boston. Born, Brookline, Mass. Member of New York Water Color Club and Boston Water Color Club.

41 "Fog Outside." (Coast of Maine.)

42 "The Reapers."

BURLINGAME, Charles A.—Brooklyn. Born, Bridgeport, Conn. Pupil of Edward Moran, N. A.; W. H. Lippincott, N. A.; Prof. J. B.Whittaker. Member of Brooklyn Art Club, president Pen and Pencil Club and Adelphi Art Club.

43 "High Tide in the Meadow."

BLENNER, Carl J.—New York. Born at Richmond, Va. Pupil of Academy Julian, Paris, and Yale Art School, New Haven, Conn. Awarded medal at Boston, 1891.

44 Antoinette.

45 "Liande." BLOODGOOD, Robert F.—New York.

46 The Siren. (Water color.)

47 On the Watch.

BERGER, Anthony—New York.

48 President Lincoln Reading to his Son Tad at the White House.

BROWN, John Lewis—Born at Bordeaux, Aug. 16, 1829. Died, 1890. Pupil of Roqueplan. Medals: 1865, 1866, 1867. Legion of Honor, 1870. Medal, Universal Exhibition, 1889.


50 Officier Attaque par des Pandours.


BLUMENSCHEIN, Ernest L.—Dayton, Ohio. Born, Pittsburg, Pa., 1874. Pupil of Benj. Constant and J. P. Laurens.

51 "Early Morning Market."

BOUCHE, Alexandre—Paris. Born at Luzaney (Seine et Marne). Pupil of Corot and Berny. Honorable mention and Medals.

52 Moonlight.

53 Sheep.

BONNEFOY, Henry—Paris. Born at Boulogue, 1839. Pupil of Leon Cogniet and Beaux Arts, Paris. Member of Society of French Artists. Pictures in various French Museums. H. C.

54 An Old Bridge.

55 On Terme.

BOURGONNIER-CLAUDE, Berthe (Mad.)-Paris. Born in Paris. Pupil of Paul Delance. Member of the Union of Women Painters and Sculptors.

56 True to the Letter. (Apris la lettre.)

57 The Peasant's Dinner. (Le pot au feu.)

BRECKENRIDGE, Hugh H.—Philadelphia, Pa. Pupil of Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts; Bougereau, Ferrier and Doucet. Medal at Atlanta Exposition. Secretary of Faculty of Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

58 The Lantern. (Water color.)

59 A Morning Thaw.

BRANGWYN, Frank—Spanish School.

60 "Puertes de Pasaje." Loaned by Mr. Wm. O. Cole, Chicago.

BRENNER, Carl—Munich. Born, Lauterecken, Bavaria. Pupil of Prof. Philip Froehlig, well known as a painter of forest scenes, particularly where beeches abound.

61 Beeches in Winter.

62 A Shady Nook. (Loaned by Hon. Theo. Cooley, Nashville.)


BROMWELL, Henrietta—Denver, Colo. Member of Council Artists' Club, Denver. Exhibitor in various exhibitions.

63 When the Leaves are Gone. (Water color.)

64 Winter Morning Denver Bottoms. (Water color.)

BROWN, J. G.—New York. Born, England, 1831. Pupil of W. B. Scott and Thomas Cummings. Awarded honorable mention at Paris, 1889; California, Boston and Nashville.

65 Three, for five.

66 An Awful. Yarn.

BROWN, Benjamin C—Pasadena, Cal. Born, Marion, Ark. Pupil of Benjamin Constant, J. P. Laurens and St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts. Member of Society Western Artists, Artists' Guild and Association of Painters and Sculptors of St. Louis.

67 California Harvest.

BROWNE, Charles Francis—Chicago. Born at Natick, Mass. Pupil of Eakins, Gerome, Schenck. Awarded Toppin prize, Philadelphia. Member of Society Western Artists, director Central Art Association, instructor and lecturer Art Institute of Chicago.

68. Summer.

69. Bass Lake, Indiana.

BROWNSCOMB, Jennie—New York. Born at Honesdale, Pa. Pupil of L. E. Wilmarth, National Academy and Henry Mosler.

70 Ancient Melody.

BROWNE, George Elmer. New York. Born at Gloucester, Mass. Pupil of Museum of Fine Art, Boston, and Cowles Art School. Awarded a medal at Mechanics' Fair, J 895. Member of Boston Art Club and Salmagundi Club.

71 Crossing the Dunes.

72 The Tower of Brooklyn Bridge.(Water color.)



73 ROSES. (Porcelaine panel.)

74 Roses. (Porcelaine panel.)

BRUCE, Laura S.—Paris. Born at Lexington, Ky. Pupil of Courtois, Fournier, Aublet.

75 A Young Flemish Girl.

BUDWORTH, Will S—Mt. Vernon, N. Y. Born, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1861. Self taught. Member of the Kit-Kat Club.

76 Meadows op Eastchester.

77 Barns in Winter. (Water color.)

78 Mud Banks of Eastchester. (Water color.)

BUCKLEY, Jeannette—Chicago.

79 "Before the Rain."

80 "Sunny Day at Del avan."

BURBANK, E. A.—Chicago. Born, Harvard, Ill. Pupil of Paul Naven, Frederick Fehe, Munich, Germany. Awarded Yerkes prize, 1892. Medal and honorable mention at Atlanta Exposition. Member of Cosmopoliton Club, Chicago.

81 Had Enough.

82 Brown Study.

BLACK, Olin P.—Cambridge. Born, Cambridge, Mass. Pupil of H. Bolton Jones, William M. Chase, Blashfield, Mobray and Art Students' League. Has exhibited in many notable exhibitions.

83 "Berkshire Brook."

BUTLER, Phillip A.—Auburndale, Mass. Born, Amesbury, Mass. Pupil of English and American Masters. Member of Boston Art Club,

84 Street in Venice. (Water color.)

85 Old Wharf (Annesquam, Mass). (Water color.)

CALIGA, J. H.—Boston. Born, Auburn, Ind.

86 "After the Bath."


CALLOT, Georges—Paris. Born in Paris. Pupil of Ecole des Beaux Arts. Member of the National Society of Fine Arts, and the Societies of Painters in Water Color and of Pastel. H. C. in Society of French Artists. 3d class medal, Salon, 1882; 2d class medal, Salon, 1888; 2d class medal, Paris Exposition, 1889.

87 The Death of Cigale.

88 Hortensia. (Water color.)

CAMERON, Edgar—Chicago. Born, Ottawa, ILL. Pupil of Cabanel, Jean P. Laurens, Benj. Constant. Awarded honorable mention and Yerkes prize. Member Chicago Art Association. Art critic Chicago Tribune. Has pictures in Union League and Chicago Historical Society.

89 Gray November.

90 Alone in the World.

CANWELAERT, E. Van—Holland. Loaned by the Chicago Art Institute.

91 The Watering Place.

CARPENTER, Hattie L.—Chicago. Born, Newark, 111. Pupil of the Art Institute, Chicago. Awarded 1st prize Out-door Sketching by Art Institute.

92 "Roses." (Water color. )

CROPSEY, Jasper F.—New York. Born at Rossville, Staten Island, N. Y. Studied in Italy and England. Awarded honors at International Exposition, London, and medal at Centennial, 1876. Member N. A. of D., N. Y. Honorary member Penn Academy of Fine Arts, and Water Color Society, New York.

93 The Mellow Autumn Time. CARR, Lyell—New York.

94 The Volunteer.


COUSE, Enger Irving —Arlington, Ore. Born, Saginaw, Mien. Pupil National Academy of Design, N. Y.; Bougereau, Pleury and Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris.

95 The Cowherd.

96 An Indian Village.

CRANE, Bruce—New York. Born, New York City, 1857. Pupil of A. H. Wyant, also studied abroad. Awarded Webb prize, 1897. Member Society American Artists, American Water Color Society, New York Water Color Club and Associate of the National Academy.

97 The Last Rays.

CHAMPLIN, Hattie Elizabeth—Chicago. Born, St. Louis, Mo. Pupil of Art Institutes Chicago. Member of Art Students' League, Chicago.

98 Study of Roses.

CONNELL, Edwin D.—Puteaux, France. Born in New York. Pupil of M. M. Bougereau, T. Robert Fleury and Julien Dupre.

99 In the Shade.

CONSTABLE, John—Born at East Bergholt, Suffolk, England, June 11, 1776. Died in London March 30, 1837. Member of the Royal Academy, 1829.

100 Paysage—Hampstead Heath.

COX, Kenyon—New York. Born, Warren, O. Pupil of Gerome and Carolus Duran. Awarded, Halgarten prize, 1889; bronze medal, medal at the World's Fair. Member Society American Artists, Mural Painters, Architectural League, etc., etc.

101 Science Instructing Industry.

102 Portrait of Mrs. C.

CHILLMAN, P. E.—Philadelphia. Born at Philadelphia.

103 On the Brandywine. (Water color.)

104 Roxborough Hills, Pennsylvania.


CHASE, Mrs. M. M.—Aurora, 111. Born, Indianapolis, Ind.

105 A Broken Melon.

COLIN-LIBOUR, (Mad.)—Paris. Born in Paris. Pupil of Rude, Bonvin and Muller. Member of Society of French Artists. Honorable mention, Salon, 1880, and at Paris T C. Officer of the Academy.

106 At the Creche.

CLARK, Walter—New York. Born, Brooklyn, N. Y. Pupil of George Innes. Member Society American Artists, New York Water Color Club.

107 The Farm Lane.

108 The Bridge at King's Run.

CHUDANT, Jean Adolphe—Paris. Born in Besancon, France, in 1860. Member National Society of Fine Arts, Paris. Pictures in Luxembourg gallery and various museums in France and elsewhere.

109 Morning Mist. (Salon, 1897.)

110 The Bridge. (Salon, 1896.)

COL, David—Belgium. Born at Antwerp, 1822. Picture dated 1876. (Loaned by Art Institute, Chicago.)

111 "Wrangling Over Cards in a Tavern."

COOK, Jean Beman—Chicago. Born, New York City. Pupil Art Institute, Chicago.

112 Sundown.

113 Along the Lake.

COOPER, Colin Campbell—Philadelphia. Born, Philadelphia, Penn. Pupil Penn Academy of Fine Arts, Julian School, Paris. Awarded —bronze medal at Atlanta Exposition. Member Philadelphia Art Club, Fellowship Penn Academy Fine Arts, T. Square Club, Teacher Water Color Classes, Drexel Institute.

114 Koboldzellerthor. (Rothenburg.)(Water color.)

115 Port of Genoa. (Water color.)


COOPER, Emma Lampert—Philadelphia. Born at New York. Pupil of Harry Thompson, New York, J. H. Kerr, Holland, Paris. Awarded medal Worlds Fair, Medal Atlanta Exposition. Member Plastic Club, Phila., N. Y. Water Color Club, Woman's Art Club, Woman's Art Association, Canada, Arts and Crafts, Rochester, N. Y.

116 Old Doorway. (Water color.)

CUMMING, Chas. A. —Des Moines, Iowa, Art Academy. Born, Knox County, 111. Pupil of Gustave Boulanger, Jules Lefevbre, Academy Julian, Paris. President Iowa Society of Fine Arts.

117 A Swiss Cow.

118 Still. Life.

119 Fish.

CUNNINGHAM, J. Wilton—St. Louis. Born at St. Louis, Mo. Pupil of Jules Lefevbre, Benj. Constant, T. Robert Fleury, and L. Doucet. Awarded honorable mention at the Salon, 1890. Member Society Western Artists.

120 Harvest Moon.

121 Lonesome Hollow.

CHAPMAN, Minerva J.—Chicago. Pupil Academie Julian, Paris, Chas. Lasar, Annie Shaw and Chicago Art Institute.

122 Railroad Embankment (Etaples, France)

CLAUDE, Eugene—Paris. Born at Toulouse, France. Member of the Society of French Artists. Honorable mention and medal of 3d class. Honorable mention and medal of 2d class, Exposition, 1889.

123 Le Bouquet De Pivoines.


COLBY, George E.—Chicago. Born, Minneapolis, Minn. Member Chicago Art Association.

125 Fhist Snow (Scotland).


COWDERY, E. D.—Washington, D. C.

126 Tiger Lillies.

COOVER, N. B.—Harvey, 111. Born at Wooster, Ohio. Pupil of Academy Julien and Delecluse, Paris.

127 Portrait of a Lady.

CHAMPNEY, J. Wells A. N. A.—New York. Born, Boston, Mass. Pupil Edouard Frere, Paris. Member American Water Color Society and Associate of the National Academy of Design.

128 Afternoon Tea. (Pastel.)

129 Model Resting in the Studio.

CLAYS, Paul Jean—Born at Bruges in 1819. Marine painter. Pupil of Gudin. Medals: Brussels, 1851; Paris, 1867, 1878. Legion of Honor, 1875. Officer of the Legion of Honor, 1881. Chevalier of the Order of Leopold.

130 Marine.

131 Souvenir de la Tomise.

CASSATT, Mary—Born in Pittsburgh, Pa. Resides in Paris.

132 La Toilette.

July 20, 1796. Died there Feb. 23, 1875. Pupil of Bertin. Went to Italy in 1826. On his return he studied nature in Provence, Normandy and Fontainebleau. Medals: 2d class, 1833; 1st class, 1848 and 1855; 2d class, 1867. Legion of Honor, 1846. Officer of the Legion of Honor, 1867. Diploma to the memory of deceased artists, Universal Exhibition, 1878.

133 Nymphes Dans ant.

134 Femme Jouant de la Mandolin.


CHAVANNES, Pierre Puvis de—Born at Lyons Dec. 14, 1824. Pupil of Henry Scheffer and of Couture. Medals: 2d class, 1861 and 1894; 3d class, 1867; of honour, 1882; Legion of Honour, 1867; officer, 1877; medal of honor, 1882. Commander of the Order of the Legion of Honor, 1889.

COURBET, Gustave—Born at Ornans (Doubs) June 10, 1819. Died at Tour de Peil, near Vevay, Jan. 1, 1878. Attended several studios, but chiefly that of David d'Angers. He exhibited in 1844. Medals in 1849, 1857 and 1861.

136 The Rising Sea.

137 Paysage.

CONSTANT, Benjamin Jean Joseph—Born in Paris June 10, 1845. Pupil of Cabanel and of Ecole des Beaux- Arts. Medals: 3d class, 1875; 2d class, 1876; 3d class, 1878; Legion of Honour, 1878; officer, 1884. Member of the Institute, 1893; medal of honour, 1896. Hors concours. Member of the Society of French Artists.

138 The Alhambra.

CHIALIVA, L. —(Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.

139 Gardeuse de Dindons. CURTIS, Alice Marian—Boston. Born, Boston. Pupil of W. M. Hunt, Frank Duveneck, C. H. Woodbury. Member Boston Water Color Club, New York Water Color Society, Boston Art Students' Association.

40 "A Roadside in Spring." (Water color. )

141 "A June Twilight."

DUPRE, Jules—Born at Nantes in 1811. Died in 1889. Medals: 2d class, 1833 and 1867. Legion of Honour, 1849; officer, 1870.

142 Marine.



DUPRE, Jiilien—Paris. Born at Paris, France, in 1851. Was a pupil of Pils, Laugee and Lehmann. He received the following awards: Honorable mention, Salon, Pari3, 1879; 3d class medal, 1880; 2d class medal, 1881; silver medal, Exposition Universelle, Paris, 1889; gold medal, Munich, International Exhibition, 1890; and in 1892 was made Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. His painting "LaVache Blanche" was purchased by the French government for Museum of the Luxembourg. This painting "In the Pasture," exhibited in the Salon, 1882, was purchased by subscription and presented to the St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts, 1885. It has been reproduced by numerous etchings and gravures.

144 In the Pasture. Loaned by the St. Louis Museum of Fine Arts.

145 The Herder.

DECAMPS, Alexandre Gabriel—Born in Paris, March 3, 1803. Died at Fontainebleau, Aug. 22, 1860. Pupil of Abel de Pujol, David, and Ingres. Medals: 1831, 1834. Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, 1839; officer, 1851.

146 Le Laboureur du lot.

DIAZ, de la Pena. Narciso Virgilio. Born at Bordeaux, of Spanish parents, Aug. 21, 1808. Died at Mentone, Nov. 18, 1876. Medals: 3d class, 1844; 2d class, 1846; 1st class, 1S48; Legion of Honor, 1848. Diploma to the memory of deceased artists, Universal Exposition, 1878.

147 Paysage.

DOLPH, J. H., N. A.—New York. Born at Fort Ann, N. Y. b Pupil of Louis Van Kuyck, Antwerp.

148 Quail Shooting.

149 A Cat Family.


DESSAR, Louis Paul—New York. Born, Indianapolis, Ind. Pupil of Bougereau, Tony Robert Fleury and Ecole des Beaux- Arts, Paris. Awarded gold medal, Salon, 1891. Picture bought by the French government, 1893. Medal, World's Fair; Prize mention, Pittsburgh, 1897. Member Society American Artists.

150 Departure of the Fishermen.

151 Le Soir.

152 Louise.

153 A Grassy Road.

De LUCE, Percival—New York. Born at New York. Pupil of Academy of Antwerp and Leon Bonnat, Paris. Member National Academy of Design; American Water Color Society.

154 Tidings from the Sea.

155 In the Garden. (Water color.)

DAVIS, Charles H,—Boston. Born, Amesbury, Mass., 1855. Pupil of Museum of Art, Boston, Boulanger, and Lef evbre, Paris. Awarded gold medal A. A. A., 1886; $2,000, same, 1887. Honorable mention, Paris Salon, 1887; silver medal, Paris Exposition, 1889; Palmer prize, Chicago, 1890; gold medal, Mechanic's Fair, Boston, 1890. Has pictures in Union League Club, Metropolitan Museum, Chicago Art Institute, Penn Academy, Museum Fine Arts, St. Louis.

156 Abandoned on the New England Coast.

157 A Landscape.

DELPY, Camille Hippolyte —Born at Joigny (Youne) Contemporary. Pupil of Corot and Daubigny. Medals: 3d class, 1884. Member of the Society of French Artists. Loaned by Durand-Ruel.

158 Landscape.

DEWEY, Charles Melville—New York.

159 "At Eventide."


De HAAS, Alice P. T—New York. Born, Boston, Mass. Pupil of M. F. H. DeHass, N. A— R. S. Gifford, N. A. and others.

160 A Breaking Wave.

161 Becalmed.

DERRICK, William—New York. Born at San Francisco. Pupil of Leon Bonnat, Paris.

162 Moments with Keats.

163 Barnyard. (Water color.)

DUVENECK, F.—Cincinnati, O. Teacher in the Cincinnati Museum of Art. Member Western Artists' Association.

164 SlESTA.

DEWEY, Jule Henshaw—New York.

165 A Chorister.

DAY, Arthur—Niles, 111. Member Cosmopolitan Club, Chicago.

166 Young Lady.

DAVIS, Cornelia Cassady—Chicago. Born at Cincinnati, O. Pupil Cincinnati Art Academy and Hopkins' Institute. Member Cincinnati Woman's Art Club.

167 From Foreign Parts.

DOHN, Pauline A.—Chicago. Born at Chicago. Pupil of Penn Academy Fine Arts, Boulanger, Lef evbre, Charles Lassar, Coutour, Paris.

168 The Newcomer.

169 An Interesting Story.

DOUGLAS, Walter—New York. Born, Cincinnati, O. Pupil of National Academy and Wm. M. Chase, New York.

170 Long Island Dunes.

171 The Barnyard.


DELECLUSE, Auguste—Paris. Born in France. Pupil of Cabanel and Carolus Duran. Associate of the National Society of the Fine Arts, Paris. Director and professor in the Academy Delecluse. Honorable mention in the Paris salon.


DODGE, Wm. DE Leftwich—Paris. Born in Virginia, 1867. Pupil of Ecole des Beaux Arts, Gerome, Collin. Member of Society of French Artists, 3d class medal at Paris, 1889.

173 La Cigale.

174 The Sea—Sunlight.

DUNNING, M. Kelso. Philadelphia. Born, Philadelphia. Pupil of Elliot Dangerfield and John Sartain.

175 Our Winter Garden

176 Summer Beauties.

DELACROIX, Henry Eugene—Paris. Born in Tolesmes, France. Pupil of Beaux Arts and Cabanel. Member Society of French Artists. Medal, 3d class, Salon, 1876; medal, 2d class, Salon, 1889; silver medal, Paris Exposition, 1889. Chevalier of the Legion of Honor.

177 Melancholy.

178 In Spingtime.

DEHODENCQ, Alfred—Born in Paris April 23, 1822. Pupil of Leon Cogniet. Medals: 3d class, 1846 and 1853; medal, 1865; Legion of Honour, 1870. Hors concours.

179 Arrestation de Charlotte Corday. DUBUFE, G.—Paris.

180 The Angel Leading the Way.

D'ASCENZO, Nicola—Philadelphia. Born Torricella Peligna, Italy. Pupil of Professors Jacovacci and Mariani, Rome, Italy. Medal World's Columbian Exposition. Member T Square Club; Fellow Pennsylvania Academy Fine Arts.

181 Evening.


DAMOYE, Pierre Emmanuel—Born in Paris. Pupil of Corot, Daubigny and Bonnat. Medals: 3d class, 1878; 2d class, 1882. Hors concours. Member of the Society of French Artists.

182 Pays age—The Red Moon.

D'ASCENZO, Myrtle G.—Philadelphia. Born in Vermont. Studied in Rome. Member Plastic Club.

183 Lagoon. (Venice.)

184 San Trovaso. (Venice.)

DEL ACROIX-GARNIER, Pauline. Paris. Born in Paris. Pupil of Delacroix and Jules Gamier. Member Society of French Artists and Union of Women Painters and Sculptors. Honorable mention, Salon, 1896. Officer of the Academy.

185 The Hour of Repose.

EDWARDS, George Wharton—New York. Born, Fair Haven, Conn. Studied at Antwerp and Paris. Awarded silver and bronze medals, Boston, 1884-1890. Member American Water Color Society.

186 The Fog Bell.

EGGLESTON, Benjamin—Brooklyn, N. Y. Born, Minnesota, 1867. Pupil of Doug-las Valk. Member Brooklyn Art Club. His picture, "Dreamy Summer," owned by the Boston Art Club.

187 "Bubbles."

ERTZ, Edward—Paris. Born in Chicago. Pupil of Delance and Lef ebore. Professor Academy Delecluse, Paris. Diploma of honor International Exposition, St. Etienne; gold medal, Exposition d' Angers; Grand Prix, Rouen, France.

188 Children Bathing.

189 "The infant plant that bears a tender rind "Reels to and fro with every breath of wind, "But shooting upward to a tree at last, "It stems the storm, and braves the strongest blast."


EGGLESTON, Allegra—New York. Born, Stillwater, Minn. Pupil of Chas. Lasar and Wyatt Eaton.

190 "A Baby's Caress."

EATON, H. M.—New York. Born, Brooklyn, N. Y. Pupil of J. B. Whittaker, J. Carroll Beckwith, Kenyon Cox and Wm. M. Chase.

191 The Challenge.

192 After Mistletoe. (Water color.)

EATON, Margaret F.—New York. Born, Leamington, England, 1871. Pupil of J. B. "Whittaker, Kenyon Cox and H. Siddons Mowbray.

193 The Pot Mender.

ENDERS, Frank —Milwaukee. Born, Milwaukee, Wis. Pupil of Prof. A. Gable and William Linden-Schmidt, Munich. Awarded medals, 1883, 1884 at New York.

194 Pueblo Indians Preparing for a Festival at Santa Clara, New Mexico.

EATON, Charles Warren—New York. Born, Albany, N. Y. Pupil of Academy of Design and Art Students' League. Member Water Color Club and American Water Color Society, N . Y.

195 Evening.

196 The Clearing Winter.

ENGLEY, Alice D.—Paris. Born at Providence, R. I. Pupil of Academy Delecluse and E. Ertz. Gold medal, Augers; Paris Salon, 1897.

197 An Old Man. (Water color.)

FREER, Frederick W.—Chicago. Born, Chicago, I11. Pupil of the Royal Academy, Munich. Awarded medal at World's Fair. Associate member National Academy of Design, American Water Color Society, Society Western Artists.

198 Happy Hours.

199 The Young Mother.




FOSS, H. CAMPBELL—New York. Born, Middle-town, Conn. Pupil of Alfred Stevens. Member Woman's Club, N. Y.

201 THE FLOWER MAKER. (Exhibited in Sap lon Champ de Mars, 1892.)

FERRIS, J. L. G.—Philadelphia. Born, Philadelphia. Pupil of S. J. Ferris and W. Bougereau. Member Salmagundi Club, N. Y.


FERRIS, STEPHEN J.—Philadelphia. Born, Plattsburgh, New York. Pupil of Prof. C. Schnesel, Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, and S. B. Waugh, Bordentown, N. J. Awarded Mackay scholarship to Europe, Spencer prize. Member Art Club, Philadelphia Society of Etchers, Artist Fund Society and Municipal League.


204 Frame containing six Etchings. Mr. Ferris is greatly esteemed, not only as a painter but as an etcher.

FLOYD, HARRY—Washington, D. C. Born, Lon-don, England. Pupil of Bougereau, T. Robert Fleury, Gerva and Humbert. Member Society Washington Artists.

205 "THE END OF THE DAY." (At Rochefort Brittany.)

FALLS, DEWITT CLINTON—New York. Born in New York, 1864. Pupil of W. Satterlee; studied in Paris and Germany.



FREER, CORA F.—Chicago. Born, Chicago. Pupil of Art Institute, Chicago; Courtois, Merson, Collin, Paris.



FORSYTH, WILLIAM—Indianapolis, Ind. Born, Hamilton county, Ohio. Pupil of Royal Academy, Munich, under Loeftz, Benczur, Gysis and Lietzenmeyer. Awarded a medal at Munich, 1885. Vice-President Society Western Artists.



211 AUTUMN, OHIO RIVER. (Water color.)

212 IN SUMMER TIME. (Water color.)

FRANCAIS, FRANCOIS Louis—Born at Plombieres (Vosges), Nov. 17, 1814. Medals: 3d class, 1841; 1st class, 1848,1855, 1867: medal of honour, 1878; Legion of Honour, 1853; Officer, 1867; medal of honor, 1890; member of the Institute, 1890; Hors Contours. Member of the Society of French Artists.


FOSTER, BEN—New York. Born, North Anson, Maine. Pupil of Abbott H. Thayer, N. Y., Airne Morst and Oliver Merson, Paris. Awarded medal at the World's Fair, second prize at Cleveland, 1895. Member N. Y. Water Color Club and the Society of American Artists.


215 PEARS.

FOURNIER, ALEXIS J.—Minneapolis, Minn. Born, St. Paul, Minn. Pupil of Jean Paul Laurens, Benj. Constant, Gustave Courtois, Jos. Blanc, Collorossi, Julian Academy. Awarded gold and silver medals Minn. Industrial Society. Member Minn. Art League, Society Western Artists and American Art Association, Paris.




FISHER, MARY L. —Boston. Born, Brookline, Mass. Pupil of Edmund C. Tarbell, Joseph De Camp.


FORTUNY, MARIANO—Born at Reus, Catalonia, June 11, 1838. Died in Rome November 21, 1874. Pupil of Palau, of Claudio Lorenzalez, and of the Barcelona Academy, where he won the prix de Rome in 1856. At Rome, which became thenceforth his principal residence, he studied Raphael and made sketches of Roman life.

219 SCENE IN SPAIN. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel.)

FERGUSON, HENRY A.—New York. Born, Glenns Falls, N. Y. Self taught. Member National Academy of Design.


FENDEL, ARTHUR—New York. Born, Harthau, Saxony. Pupil of Ludwig Von Loefftz, Royal Academy, Munich, Member of Munich Kunst Verein, Cosmopolitan Art Club, Chicago, Ill.


FOWLER, FRANK K.—New York. Born, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1852. Pupil of Carolus Duran and Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Awarded a medal at Paris Exposition, 1889, and Atlanta, 1895. Member N. A. D., S. A. A., and A. L., New York.

222 DIANA. (Decorative panel.)


FISHER, M. L.—Boston.



225 PORTRAIT OF MARTINELLI, Apostolic Delegate at Washington.



GILSOUL, VICTOR—Brussells. Born at Brussells, 1867. Pupil of Arton, Courtens. Member of Artistic Club, Brussells.


GOETHALS, LIEVEN—Belgium. Born at Gand, Belgium.


GUYSI, JEANNETTE—Detroit, Mich. Born at Cincinnati, O. Pupil of Academy Calorossi and Harry Thompson, Paris.



GUERIN, JuLES—Laren, North Holland. Born at St. Louis. Pupil of Academy Julian.

231 EVENING. (Holland.)

GUTHERZ, CARL—Washington, D. C. Born at Tchoeftland, Switzerland. Pupil of Isodo Pils, Academy des Beaux Arts, Paris; Gustave Boulanger, Jules Lefevbre. Awarded medal at Centennial, 1876; 3d class medal, Paris, 1889. Member Society of Artists, Washington.


GAY, EDWARD—New York. Born at Dublin, Ire-land, 1837. Pupil of Lessing, Canon, Schimer. Awarded Metropolitan prize of $2,000 for picture, "Broad Acres;" medal at California. Member National Academy.


234 TOILERS OF THE SEA. (Cutting marsh grass.)

GUYSI, ALICE V.—Detroit, Mich. Born at Cincinnati, O. Pupil of Calorossi School and Harry Thompson, Paris.



GREGORY, ANNE LAWRENCE—New York. Born at Plattsburg, N. Y., 1868. Pupil of Charles Melville Dewey, New York; Girardot, Paris.



GAULD, DAVID—Glasgow, Scotland. Corresponding member of "The Secession," Munich. David Gauld strikes one as the strongest of these (Glasgow) painters. His canvases are superb in their strong lights, their balance and their remarkable atmospheric quality.—New York World, February 20, 1896.

238 GREZ.

239 EVA.


GUY, SEYMOUR J.—New York. (Loaned by Mr. William T. Evans, New York.)

241 "LOOK! MAMMA."

GILBERT, VICTOR GABRIEL—Born in Paris. Con-temporary. Medal: 2d class, 1880. Chevalier of the Order of the Legion of Honor, 1897. Hors Concours. Member of the Society of French Artists.


GRUPPE, CHAS. P.—The Hague, Holland. Pupil of Josef Israels and Blommers. Member Society Dutch Artists at The Hague, Salmagunda Club, New York.



245 AUTUMN DAYS. (Braband wood.)


GAULEY, ROBERT D.—New York. Born in Ireland, 1875.


248 POLLY.


GAUSTA, H.—Minneapolis, Minn. Born, Norway. Pupil of Royal Academy, Munich. Awarded medal at Munich.

249 SUMMER EVENING. (Norway.)

GRIMELUND, JOHANNES—Paris. Corn at Christania, Norway, 1842. Pupil of Prof. Hans Gude. Pictures in the Luxembourg Gallery; National Gallery at Christiania; various Museums in the French provinces; National Museum, Buenos Ayres. Medals at the Crystal Palace, London, 1874 and 1876; Philadelphia, 1876; gold medal, (3d class) Salon, 1888; medal, Paris Exposition, 1889; Chevalier of the Legion of Honor; H. C., in the Paris Salon.




GRUPPY, C. P.—Hague, Holland. 252'NOONDAY REST."

GROSS, P. A.—Paris. (Loaned by J. N. H. Pat-rick, esqre.)


GALLISON, H. H.—Boston. Born, Massachusetts. Pupil of Bounefoy, Paris, France. Member Boston Art Club. His landscapes are highly spoken of.


HOGARTH, WILLIAM—Born, London, England, Dec. 10, 1697. Died there, Oct. 26, 1764. En-graver, etcher, painter.


HENNER, JEAN JACQUES—Born in Bernwiller (Alsace), March 5, 1829. Prix de Rome, 1858. Medals: 3d class, 1863, 1865 and 1866; 1st class, 1878; Legion of Honour, 1873; Officer, 1878. Member of the Institute, 1889. Hors Contours.






HUGUET, VICTOR PIERRE—Born at Lude (Sarthe), May 1, 1839. Medals: 3d class, 1873; 2d class, 1882. Hors Concours. Member of the Society of French Artists. Pupil of Loubon.





HABERLE, JOHN—New Haven. Born in Connecticut. Noted for his work as a close imitator of nature.


HARRISON, BIRGE—New York. Born at Philadelphia, Pa. Pupil of Cabanel and Carolus Duran. Awarded medals Paris Exposition, 1889; World's Fair, 1893. Member Society American Artists, etc., etc. Pictures bought by the French government and by many other collections of note.


265 VIOLETS. (Purple and white; water color.)



HOWE, WILLIAM H.—Bronxville, N, Y. Born at Ravenna, O. Pupil of Otto de Shoren and Vaillefroy.

Honorable mention, New Orleans 1885

Honorable mention, Paris Salon 1886

Gold medal, Paris Salon 1888

Silver medal, Universal Exhibition, Paris 1889

Grand gold medal, London 1890

Gold medal Boston 1890

Temple gold medal, Philadelphia 1890

Medal, Chicago Exposition 1893

A. N. A 1894

Gold medal, Midwinter Exposition, San Francisco 1894

Gold medal, Atlanta Exposition 1895

Officier de Academy. Paris 1896

N. A. National Academy 1897

Life member Lotos Club New York 1897

Member Salmagundi Club, New York.

Pictures owned by St. Louis Museum Fine Arts and Cleveland Museum Fine Arts.

267 NORMAN BULL. (In the Salon of 1892.)

268 MOONRISE. (Isle of Sexide, Holland.)

HURD, L. FRED—New York. Born, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1853.


HOPKIN, ROBERT—Detroit, Mich. Born at Glasgow, Scotland. Self taught. Member Detroit Art Association and Society Western Artists. Is greatly esteemed as a marine painter.



HAWLEY, WILHELMINA D.—Paris. Born in Perth Amboy, N. J. Pupil of Colarossi Academy, Paris.


HARTSON, WALTER C.—New York. Born in Iowa, 1866. Bronze medal, Atlanta, 1895. Member New York Water Color Club, Chicago Society of Artists. Picture in Crescent Club, Baltimore, Md.




HOPKINSON, CHARLES—Cambridge, Mass Born in Massachusetts.



HOWELL, E. A.—Glascow.


HYDE, HELEN—San Francisco, Cal. Born, Lima, New York. Pupil of Emil Carlsen, New York, Franz Skarbina of Berlin, Raphael Collin of Paris.


HILL, ROSWELL S.—New York. Born, Lawrence, Kansas. Pupil of Ecole des Beaux, Arts Academy Julian, Paris.


HUMPHREYS, AL.—Paris. Pupil of Gerome and Tony Robert Fleury. Member Philadelphia Sketch Club, American Art Association. Diploma, School of Design, Cincinnati.

280 THE TWILIGHT HOUR. (Pastel.)




HEMLOCK, HOWARD—Washington, D. C. Born, Ohio. Pupil of Ecole Beaux Arts and Cabanel, Paris.


HARTMAN, SYDNEY K.—Paris. Born in Germany. Pupil of J. P. Laurens and Benj. Constant.


286 LANDSCAPE. (Westphalia.)

HOWE, J. THEODORE—New York. Born, Boston, Mass. Pupil of National Academy of Design, N. Y. Member New York Water Color Club.

287 OLD MAN'S BACK. (Nantucket.)


HART, LETITIA B.—New York. Pupil of Edgar M. Ward and her father, James M. Hart. Awarded the Norman W. Dodge prize, 1897.


HARRIS, CHARLES X.—Thompsonville, Delaware. Born, Maine, 1856. Pupil of Cabanel, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris.


HUNT, MARY BELLE—DeS Moines, Iowa. Born, New London, New York. Pupil of Constant, Laurens and other masters of Paris.

290 AN OLD FIRE PLACE. (France.)

291 A GARDEN PATH. (France.)

HAYDOCK, ATHA—Cincinnati. Born, Leesburg, O., 1872. Pupil of C. T. Webber, Cincinnati; Julian Dupre, Oliver Merson, Paris. Member Society of Western Artists.



HAMILTON, J. WHITELAW—Glasgow, Scotland. Born, Glasgow. Pupil of Dagnan-Bouveret and Aime Morot, Paris. Member of the Royal Scottish Water Color Society, and corresponding member of "The Secession," Munich.

Mr. Hamilton's technique is broad, simple and artistic, and it is also individual. No painter has a better appreciation of values. His drawing is excellent and his composition and color always are agreeable.—Modern Art, Boston, April, 1896.





HEYSINGER, E. W.—Philadelphia. Born, Philadelphia. Pupil of Spring Garden Institute, Pennsylvania Academy Fine Arts, Drexel Institute, Geo. R. Bonfield.



HAYNES, CAROLINE COVENTRY—New York. Born, New York City. Pupil of Art Students' League, N. Y.; Alfred Stevens, Paris. Member New York Water Color Club.


ISABEY, EUGENE—Born in Paris July 22, 1804. Died in Paris April 26, 1886. Medals: 1st class, 1824, 1827, 1855; Legion of Honour, 1832; officer, 1852. Pupil of his father.


IVES, PERCY—Detroit, Mich. Born, Detroit, 1864. Pupil of Boulanger, Bougereau, Lefevbre, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Member Western Art Association.

301 "ITTYE."

INSLEY, ALBERT—New York. Born, Orange, N. J. Pupil of nature.


303 PATIENCE. (Water color.)


JETTEL, EUGEN—Born at Johnsdorf, Moravia, March 20, 1845. Pupil in Vienna of Albert Zimmermann. Has for some years worked in Paris under the influence of the French school. Gold medal in Munich, 1869; Legion of Honor, 1889. Hors contours.


JOULLIN, AMEDEE—San Francisco.

306 "GONE." (A young Indian brave watches the last moments of his dying father, a Moqui chief, who has just been mortally wounded.)


JORDAN, DAVID Philadelphia. Born, Harrisburg, Pa. Pupil of Prof. Schuesselle and Thos. Eakins and Pennsylvania Academy Fine Arts. Member Art Club and Sketch Club of Philadelphia.


JOHANSSON, CARL. Stockholm. Born, Hernosand, Sweden, 1865. Pupil of Academy of Fine Arts, Stockholm. Awarded honorable mention, Paris, 1889. Member of several Swedish Art Associations.


JUDSON, WILLIAM L.—Garvanza, Cal. Born, Manchester, England. Pupil of Boulanger and Lefevbre, Paris. Dean of Art Department University Southern California.


JACQUET, JEAN GusTAVE—Born in Paris, May 25, 1846. Pupil of Bouguereau. Medals: 1868; 1st class, 1875; Legion of Honour 1879. Hors Concours. Member of the Society of French Artists.



JURGENSEN, Louis O.—Chicago. Born, Schleswig, Germany. Pupil of Benj. Constant, Jules Lefevbre, Academy Julian, Paris.


KOOPMAN, A. B.—Paris. Pupil of Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, Ecole des Beaux Arts. Member American Art Association, Paris.



KENNEDY, WILLIAM—Glasgow, Scotland. Corresponding member "The Secession," Munich. His work is full of thought and poetical expression.—New York Herald, February 18, 1896. 314 HARVESTERS.

KERLING, ANNA S.—The Hague, Holland. Born, The Hague, Holland. Has received many honors and awards at foreign exhibitions.


KOTZ, DANIEL—Park Ridge, N. J. Born at South Bend, Indiana. Self-taught.


KAUFMAN, J. F.—New York. Born, St. Gall, Switzerland. Pupil of Bougereau, Gerome, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, and Academy at Florence. Awarded first class medal Florence. Member Societe des Artists; Paris Salon, Champs Elysee, Art Clubs of Philadelphia and Boston.

317 SHINE! Boss?





KIEFER, EDWIN H.—Detroit, Mich. Born, Port Huron, Mich. Pupil of Benjamin Constant, Charles Casin, Paris.

321 The Visit.

KENDALL, Sergeant—New York. Born at Spuyten Duyvil, N. Y. Pupil of Art Students' League, Luc, Oliver, Merson, Ecole, Julian and Des Beaux Arts, Paris. Awarded, honorable mention Salon, 1891; medal at World's Fair, Lippincott prize, Philadelphia, 1893.

322 "St. Ives, priez pour nous." (St. Ives, pray for us.)


KRAY, Wilhelm Prof—Vienna. Born in Berlin. Landscape and geure painter. Medals at Berlin, Munich and Vienna. (Loaned by Chas. F. Hazletine, Esqre.)

323 Psyche and the Butterfly.

KLUMPKE, Anna E.—Boston. Born, San Francisco, Cal. Pupil of T. Robert Fleury, Lef evbre, Bouguereau, de Vaillef roy . Awarded honorable mention, Salon and 3d class medal, 1889; silver medal Versailles, gold medal Philadelphia, 1889.

324 "Mother's Darling."

KELLY, Gwendolyn D. —Columbus, O. Born, Columbus, O. Pupil of schools in Chicago, St. Louis, Paris and Rome. Work accepted and exhibited in many exhibitions, both American and Foreign.

325 Roumanian Gypsey. (Miniatures on ivory.)

LEMAIRE, Madeleine—Born at Sainte-Rostoline (Var). Honorable mention, 1877.

326 Minuet. (Water color.)

LOT AVE, C. R.—Lindsborg, Kan. Born, Jonkoping, Sweden. Pupil of Zorn, Bergh, Sweden, Academy Julian and Colorossi, Paris.

327 Summer Night.

LORCH, Emil—Detroit. Born, Detroit, Mich, 1870. Pupil of Detroit Museum Art School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

328 A Summer Study. (Water color.)

LORENZ, Richard—Milwaukee, Wis. Born, Weimar, Germany. Pupil of A. Brendel, A. Struys and The. Hagen.

329 A Wordless Farewell.

LACEY, Jessie P.—Chicago.

330 "Girl Raking Hay."


LAWRENCE, Sir Thomas—England. (Loaned by R. Hall McCormick.)

331 Portrait of Canova.

LUSK, Marie K.—Chicago. Born, Bohemia. Pupil of Chicago, New York and Paris Art Schools. Honorary member Cosmopolitan Art Club, Chicago.

332 "Her First Day at School."

LONGMAN, John B.—Nashville. Born, Toronto, Canada. Gerome, Boulanger, Lefevbre.

333 The Old Tinker.

334 The Girl and the Rose.

LEPINE, Stanislas—Born at Caen. Pupil of Corot. Honorable mention, 1884; medals: 3d class, 1889; gold medal, 1889, Universal Exposition. Hors concours. Member of the Society of French Artists.

335 Vue de St. Cloud.

336 Bassin de Caen.

LEVY, Emils—Born in Baris, Aug. 29, 1826. Pupil of Abel de Pujol, Picot and of the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Prix de Rome, 1854; medals: 3d class, 1859, 1864, 1866, 1867; 1st class, 1878; Legion of Honour, 1867. Hors concours. Member of the Society of French Artists.

337 Ilalienne.

LAPOSTOLET, Charles—Born at Velars (Coted'Or), Sept. 26, 1824. Pupil of Cogniet. Medals: 1870; 2d class, 1882. Hors concours.

338 Vue de Paris.

LARGILLIERE, Nicolas—Born in Paris Oct. 10, 1656. Died there March 20, 1746. Member of the academy, Enfland, in 1686; professor in 1705, rector in 1722 and chancellor in 1743.

339 La Marquise d'Humieres.


LYNCH, Anna—Elgin, 111. Born at Elgin, 111. Pupil of Art Institute, Chicago.

340 Portraits. (Miniatures; Mrs. Philbin,

Madam Powell, Miss L., Mr. T. R. L., Mrs. Kimberly.)

LAZERGES, Jean Baptiste Paul—Paris. Born at Paris Jan. 10, 1845. Pupil of his father.

Medal, 1884; honorable mention, 1887. Societaire. (Loaned by C. F. Haseltine, Philadelpha.

341 Leaving the Desert. (This magnificent work was the artist's Salon picture, 1892. Probably no one in the world is his equal in painting camels and desert scenes).

LAMPERT, E. E.—Philadelphia.

342 Afternoon Tea.

LAING, Laura—Kansas City, Mo.

343 Chrysanthemums. (Water color.)

LUCAS. F. H.—Paris.

344 Girl with Violin. LEIGH, W. R.—New York.

345 Morning in the Woods.

MAAS (Maes), Nicholas—Born at Dordrecht in 1632. Died in Amsterdam, Dec. 1693. Dutch School. Pupil of Rembrandt.

346 Portrait de Don Lopez Sausso.

MICHEL, Georges—Born in Paris, 1*763. Died there, 1843. Pupil of Leduc.

347 Paysage.

MOSLER, Gustave Henry—New York. Pupil of his father, Henry Mosler, and L. Bonnat of the Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris.

348 Under the Apple Trees. (This picture attracted great attention when exhibited in the Salon, Paris.


MOSLER, Henry—New York. Born, New York. Pupil of A. E. Hebert, Paris. Awarded

Medal Royal Academy, Munich...1874

Salon, honorable mention, Paris,...1879

"Le Retour," purchased by the French government for the Musee de Luxembourg...1879

Gold medal. International Exhibition, Nice, France...1884

Prize Fund Exhibition, New York, prize $2,500...1885

Salon gold medal, Paris...1888

Exposition Universalle, Paris, silver medal...1889

Hors Concours, Paris...1890

Chevalier de la Legion d' Honneur of France...1892

Officer d' Academic of France...1892

Archduke Carl Ludwig of Austria, gold medal,...Vienna, 1893

Elected Associate National Academy of Design...1895

Grand gold medal and diploma of honor Atlanta Exhibition, Georgia...1895

Thos. B. Clarke prize, Nat'nl Academy of Design...1896

Gold medal. "The Art Club," Philadelphia...1897

Pictures purchased and incorporated in the following Museums: Luxembourg, Paris; Sidney, Australia; Grenoble, France; Louisville, Ky,; Polytechnic Institute; Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; Cincinnati, Ohio, museums; Springfield, Mass., museums.

349 The Last Moments.

MELIN, JOseph—Born in Paris, Feb. 14, 1814. Pupil of Paul Delaroche and David d' Angers. Medals: 3d class, 1843, 1855; 2d class, 1845, 1858. Hors Concours.

350 Chasse au Sanglier

MURPHEY, Virginia A.—Chicago. Born at New Castle, Indiana. Pupil Art Institute, Chicago.

351 Bittersweet.

McCHESNEY, Clara T.—New York. Born in California. Pupil of San Francisco Art School, Gotham Art School, Colarossi School, Paris, and Williams, Mowbray, Courtois, Girardot. Mem- ber New York Water Color Club, Boston Art Club. Two medals World's Fair, Chicago, 1893: Dodge Prize, N. Y. ; Three medals Colarossi School, Paris.

352 The Last Spark.


MONTGOMERY, Alfred—Lawndale, I11. Born, Lawndale, I11.

353 "Down on the Farm."

MOREAU, Adrien —Paris, Born at Troyes, France. Member of the Society of French Artists, Water Color Society, Paris, etc. Medal, 2d class, 1876; gold medal, Paris Exposition, 1889; H. C; Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. (Loaned by M. G. Bulla, Paris.)

354 New Wine.

MATTHEWS, Nanna Bolton—Boston.

355 "And Once Upon a Time."

356 "The Red Fan."

MUNTZ, Laura A.—Toronto. Born in Leamington, England. Pupil of Academy Colarossi, Paris. Member Ontario Society of Artists, Canada. Honorable mention in Paris Salon (Champs Elysees).

357 The Children's Hour.

MORAN, Leon—New York. (Loaned by——)

358 The Rivals. (Water color.)

MUMAUGH, F. B.—Omaha, Neb. Born at Newark, New York. Pupil Wm. M. Chase, New York, and Freada Boelter Redmond, Holland. Work exhibited at the Worlds Fair.

359 Canal in Belgium.

360 California Delicacies.

MONTENARD, Frederic—Born in Paris. Contemporary. Medals: 3d class, 1883; 2d class, 1889; Legion of Honour, 1890. Hors concours. Member of the Society of French Artists.

361 Route de Toulon.

MOSER, H.—New York.

362 Sunset near Wiers.

363 November Glow.

MESSER, E. C—Washington, D. C. Member Society of Washington Artists.

364 Late Afternoon at Weyls Glade.


MEAKLN, L. H.—Cincinnati, O. Born in England. Studied in Munich. Instructor in the Cincinnati Art School.

365 Moonrise on Cape Ann.

366 Old Fort Normandy Coast.

MCDONALD, W. P.—Cincinnati, O.

367 Winter Scene.

MacGREGOR, W. Y.—Glasgow. Member of the Royal Scottish Water Color Society, Glasgow, and corresponding member of "The Secession," Munich.

It is as a landscape painter that Mr. MacGregor has won his reputation. Water color is his favorite medium. If his achievement be less in actual amount of production than that of his fellow artists, it must not be forgotten that without him, perhaps, there would have been no school or group —that is, without him the chief source of Glasgow's present artistic strength and influence might have been missing.—Mrs. Pennell, in Harper's Magazine, February, 1895.

368 The Landing Place.

MORTON, T. Cors an—Glasgow, Scotland. Corresponding member of "The Secession," Munich.

369 Solitude.

MURRAY, John Reid—Glasgow, Scotland.

370 Autumn Landscape.

371 October.

MOUNCEY, William—Glasgow. Born in Edinburgh. Studied there.

372 Galloway Landscape.

373 Autumn Landscape. MOSS, F. A.—Paris.

374 Moonlight.

375 Qui Va La?

MAC NICOL, Bessie—Glasgow, Scotland.

376 Rose.


MONET, Claude—Born in Paris, Nov. 14, 1840. Nature has been his only teacher. One of the leaders of the Impressionists —or 'Luminist" School.

377 La Seine a Lavacour.

378 Coquelicots. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.

HINMAN, Leana McLennan—Chicago. Born, Chicago, Ill. Pupil of Kathrine Recine, Berlin, Margerite Boosenboom, Holland. Awarded medal Holland Exhibition. Member of Palette Club, Chicago.

379 "Roses."

McGINNIS, H. R.—Muncie, Ind. Born, Morgan county, Ind. Pupil of T. C. Steele, J. Otis Adams and William Forsyth.

380 After Showers.

381 The Old Canal.

MOTT-SMITH, Harold M.—Schenectady, N. Y. Born in Honolula, 1871. Pupil of Academy Julian, J. P. Laurens and Benj. Constant. VicePresident American Art Association of Paris.

382 The Old Bridge of Lucerne.

383 The Flirt.

MAUFRA, Maxime—Born at Nantes. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.

384 L'Etang-Plounedin.

NORTON, William E.—London, Eng. Pupil of George Inness and J. A. Volon. Awarded gold medal at Boston; honorable mention Paris Salon, 1898.

385 Tranquility. (The clouds brighten round the moon.)


NEUHUYS, Albert—Lar en, Holland. Born, Utrecht, 1844. Pupil of Craay-Vanger and Royal Academy, Antwerp. Awarded medal at Paris, 1889; diploma of honor, Amsterdam, 1883; gold medal, 1890; gold medals at Vienna and Munich; two medals at Chicago. Member of many foreign societies.

386 Dressing the Baby.

387 A Frugal. Meal. (Water color.)

388 By the Cradle. (Water color.)

NOBLE, T. S.—Cincinnati, O. Born, Lexington, Ky. Pupil of Thomas Couture, Paris. Awarded gold, silver and bronze medals.

389 "The Sibyl."

NICOLL, James C—New York. Born, New York. Pupil of M. F. H. de Haas and Kruseman Van Elten. Awarded medals: Exposition at Paris, World's Fair, New Orleans, Atlanta, Boston. Member National Academy of Design, American Water Color Society.

390 Sunlight on the Sea.

391 Star Island.

392 Twilight, Late Autumn. (Water color.)

NICHOLS, H. Hobart—Washington, D. C. Born, Washington, D. C. Pupil of Washington Art Students' League. Member Washington Water Color Club.

393 Twilight.

394 Rainy Day.

NEWELL, G. Glenn—New York. Born in Michigan, 1870. Pupil of E. M. Ward, Will S. Robinson, F. E. Courter, National Academy of Design.

396 Beech Trees in Autumn.


NEEDHAM, Charles Austin—New York. Born Buffalo, N. Y. Pupil of Art Students' League. Medal and honorable mention, Atlanta, 1895. Member New York Water Color Club.

396 Still. Life. (Game.)

397 Winter.

NOWOTTNY, A. V.—Cincinnati, O. Born, Cincinnati, O. Pupil of Prof. Loeffts, Munich, and W. A. Bouguereau, Paris. Member of the Cincinnati Art Club. Instructor in school of the Cincinnati Art Museum.

398 Waiting.

PARKER, Cora—Lincoln, Neb.

399 Portrait of Chancellor MacLean.

POURBUS Franz (the younger)—Born in Antwerp in 1570. Died in Paris; buried Feb. 19, 1622. Flemish School. (Both pictures loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.)

400 Portrait de Henri IV.

401 Portrait de Marie de Medicis.

PEARCE, Charles Sprague—Boston. Contemporary American Artist. (Loaned by the Chicago Art Institute.)

402 "The Beheading of John the Baptist."

PLUMB, Henry G.—New York. Born at Sherburne, N. Y. Pupil of the Academy of Design, New York, Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Member Salmagundi Club and Artists' Fund Society.

403 Monopoly.

404 Full Weight.

PEPPER, Charles H.—Paris. Born at Waterville, Me., 1864.

405 On Watch.


PARK, Stuart—Glasgow, Scotland.

Among all the painters of the Glasgow Sehool there is none whose methods are more simple or whose results are more subtle and artistic than those of Stuart Park. He loves flowers, and he paints them as no other artist on earth paints them. In his pictures their color is as pure and unsullied and their petals are as fresh and crisp as in nature. They lack only the fragrance of the real flowers, but they have the advantage of never fading nor withering. They remain beautiful always.

406 Daffodils.

407 Roses.

408 Violets.

PHILLIPS, Thomas R. A.—England. (Loaned by Hon. R. Hall McCormick, Chicago.)

409 Portrait Sir Thomas Moore.

PERRAULT, Ida Marie—Detroit, Mich. Born, Detroit, Mich., 1874. Pupil of Detroit Museum of Art School.

410 The Widow.


PATERSON, James—Moniaive, Scotland. Born, Glasgow, Scotland. Pupil of Jacquesson de la Chevreuse and J. P. Laurens, Paris. Honorable mention, Salon, Paris, 1890; 2d medal, Munich, 1890. Associate of the Royal Scottish Society of Painters in Water Color, the Royal Scottish Academy, and corresponding member of " The Secession, " Munich. Paintings by Mr. Paterson have been purchased by the National galleries at Munich, Leipsic, Weimar and Stuttgart.

One of the most individual and poetic landscape painters is Mr. James Paterson. Seldom, if ever, concerning himself with what is termed the picturesque or romantic in scenery, attempting no striking pictorial effects, Mr. Paterson nevertheless succeeds, and succeeds to admiration, in his attempts to seek out and transfer to canvas some of the more fleeting of the more delicate aspects of nature. * * * Mr. Paterson's style combines reticence, tenderness and truth—truth at once to nature and to art. —Glasgow Citizen.

412 A "Castle in Spain."

413 Chrysanthemums.


PIRIE, George—Glasgow, Scotland. Born, Glasgow. Pupil of Boulanger and Lef evbre, Paris.

414 Rabbit.

415 Puppies.

416 Hen and Chickens.

PIETRO, Dl Rotari Conte.—Italian. (Loaned by Hon. R. Hall McCormick, Chicago.)

417 Portrait Count Marcolini.

PISSARRO, Camille—Born at St. Thomas (West Indies), July 10, 1830. When 11 years old, he was sent to a school at Passy, Paris. Studied in the schools of Picot, Lehmann and others. He then turned to nature, which was really his only school. (Both loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.)

418 Le Pont Boreldieu a Rouen.

419 LePre.

HOWELL, Lucie N—Washington, D. C. Born in Virginia. Pupil of Fitz, London, England, National Gallery, Edward Moran, N. Y. and Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia. Member Society Washington Artists.

420 Mouth of the Clyde.

PARSONS, George F.—Youngstown, O. Born, Appleton, Ohio. Pupil of Frederick Fehr, Munich.

421 A Turkish Girl.

422 Autumn on Mill Creek.

PARSONS, Sheldon—New York.

423 Portrait.

PALMIE, Rosalie—Utica, N. Y. Born, Hamburg, Germany. Pupil of J. P. Laurens, Ben]. Constant and others, in both Paris and Berlin. Awarded first honorable mention Academie Julian.

424 Jeanne.


POST, Wm. Merritt—New York. Born at Brooklyn, N. Y. Pupil of Art Students' League. Secretary New York Water Color Club; memAmerican Water Color Society.

425 An Old Road Across the Meadows.

426 November Sunshine.

PAULUS, Francis P.—Detroit. Born Detroit, Mich. Pupil of Thomas Eakins, Philadelphia; Professors Loefftz and Gysis, Royal Academy, Munich; Prof. Leon Bonnat, and Beaux Arts, Paris. Awarded honorable mention, Munich. Member Society Western Artists; Vice-President Associated Artists of Detroit. Member Etchers' Society, Munich.


PEYRAUD, P. C—New York. Born in Switzerland. Pupil of Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris, Member Cosmopolitan Art Club, Chicago; Western Society of Artists.

428 Early Morning in April.

429 Early Moonrise.

430 Winter Afternoon.

PATHAST, Ed—New York.

431 Kabnye-au-Zee.

ROUSSEAU (Pierre Etienne)THEODORE—Rousseau was a pupil of Lethiere. Born in Paris April 15, 1812. Died at Barbizon, near Fontainebleau, Dec. 22, 1867. Medals: 3d class, 1834; 1st class, 1849, 1855; medal of honour, 1867; Legion of Honour, 1852. Diploma to the memory of deceased artists, Universal Exposition, 1867. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.)

432 Gorges d'Aprement.

RIBERA, Joseph—Spanish.

433 "Laughing Philosopher."

434 "Weeping Philosopher." (Loaned by Samuel Gans, Chicago.)


RIBOT (Augustin) Theodule—Born at Breteuil (Eure) Aug. 8, 1823. Medals: 1864, 1865, 1878. Officer of the Legion of Honor, 1887. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.)


RENOIR, Pierre Auguste—Born at Limoges Feb. 25, 1841. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.)


ROSSI, Lt t citjs—Born in Italy. Pupil of Minardi. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.)

437 Rosemary.

ROMANACH, Lkapoldo—New York. Born in Cuba. Pupil of F. Pardillo. Member Associazione Artestica Internazionale di Roma.

438 Little Beggar.

439 Old Man,

ROSELAND, Harry—Brooklyn. Born, Brooklyn, 1866. Awarded gold medal Brooklyn Art Club, 2d Hallgarten Prize, 1898. Member Salmagundi Club, Brooklyn Art Club.

440 "Girl in White." (A portrait.)

441 Courtin. (Water color.)


442 Marine.

443 Marine. (Loaned by M. Michel Levi,Paris.)

REHN, F. K. M.—New York. Born, Philadelphia. Pupil of Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, Philadelphia. Gold medal at Competitive Prize Fund Exhibition, New York, 1885; first prize at Water Color Exhibition, New York, 1886. Member of American Water Color Society and New York Water Color Club, New York.

444 The Moonlit Sea.

REMINGTON, Frederick—New York.

445 "Counting His Coupe." (Loaned by John S. Collins, esqre., Omaha.)


RICHTER, Edouard—Paris. Born in Paris. Pupil of M. M. Hebert and Bonnat. Medals of gold and silver. Picture in gallery of Leopold, King of Belgium.

446 Confetti.

RICHARDS, F. De B.—Philadelphia. Born, Wilmington, Del. Member Philadelphia Society of Artists, Artist Fund Society, Art Club, Phila.

447 Off Anglesea, N. J.

448 Autumn on the Susquehanna. (Water color.)

READ, Henry—Denver, Col. Born, Twickenham, England. President Artists Club, Denver, Col.

449 "Nobody Asked You Sir, She Said."

RUPERT, A. J.—Chicago. Born, Fort Plain, N. Y. Pupil of Barth, Gabriel Max and Seitz. Member Cosmopolitan Art Club, Chicago.

450 Winter Afternoon. (North Dakota.)

451 Moonlight. (North Dakota.)

RICHARDSON, T. H.—Paris, France. American Contemporary.

452 "The Haymaker."

REID, Robert—New York. Born, Stockbridge, Mass. Pupi—of Boulanger and Lef evbre, Paris. Awarded, medal W. C. E., Chicago; Clark prize N. A. D., 1897; the Halgarten prize N. A. D., 1898. Member Ten American Painters.

453 The Butterfly Net.

454 Dawn.

455 Opal.

RICHARDS, Anna—Newport, R. I. Born, Philadelphia, Pa. Pupil of S. Holoway, John La Farge and Benj. Constant. Awarded the Norman Dodge prize, 1890.

456 "A Byway in Clovelly," Devonshire.


RICHARDS, William T.—Newport, R. I. Born, Philadelphia, Pa., 1833. Awarded, medal at Centennial, 1876; Temple medal, Penn Academy Fine Arts; bronze medal Paris Exposition, 1889. Member of the American Water Color Society, honorary member N. A. D., New York. Has pictures in many permanent collections.

457 Off Sark.

458 Red Raspberries.

RICHARDS, E. E.—Paris. Born in Virginia; studied in Paris.

459 Holland Interior.

REDMOND, John J.—New York. Born, Salem, Mass. Pupil School of Drawing- and Painting, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Member New York Water Color Club.

460 Market Day in Bruges.

461 Amsterdam. (Water color.)

RASCOVICH, Robert—Chicago. Born, Spalata, Dalmatia. Pupil of Academy Vienna, Beaux Arts, Paris; studied also in Venice and Rome. Awarded, medal Water Color Society, Rome; Arche prize, Chicago, 1897. Member Water Color Society, Rome; Cosmopolitan Art Club, Chicago.

462 Village Peasants.

RUHL, Miraim S.—Philadelphia. Born, Allentown, Pa. Pupil of Elliot Dangerfield and John Sartain.

463 American Beauties.

REDMOND, Frieda V.—New York. Born, Thun, Switzerland. Awarded medal at World's Fair.

464 Still Life. (Copper.)

465 Yellow Roses.

RICHTER, E.—Paris.

466 Master Bob.


RICHARDSON, Francis H.—Paris. Born at Boston, Mass., 1859. Pupil of Boulanger and Lefevbre. Member Boston Art Club.

467 Interior (at Etaples.)

RIGHTER, Alice L.—Lincoln, Neb. Born, Monroe, Wis. Pupil of Chicago Art Institute, Art Students' League, New York; Dumond, Castaign, Lassar, Dupre, Paris.

468 Portrait of a Lady. (Pastel.)

ROBBIN, Richard Smith—Chicago. Born, Solon, O. Pupil of Benj. Constant, Lef evbre, Doucet. Member Cosmopolitan Club Chicago, Ill.

469 A January Thaw.

ROYBET, Ferdinand —Paris, France. Born, Uzes Gard), France. Pupil of l'Ecole des Beaux Arts, Lyons, and of J. G. Vibert, Paris. Gold medal, Salon, Paris, 1866. Medal of Honor, Salon, Paris, 1893, for the painting "Charles le Temeraire a Nesle." Medal of Honor, Munich, 1893. Medal of Honor, Berlin, 1895. Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, 1892. Member of the Societe des Artistes Francais.

Roybet, who loves strong color, in his work shows fine maturity of talent. He paints with a solidity of touch and with a certainty with which few of his brethren can compete, and his art is healthy and robust. —Roger Miles in The Salon, 1894.

470 Charles the Bold at Nesle. (Illustration.)

Medal of Honor, Salon, Paris, 1893. (Size of canvas, 22x24 feet.)

This painting—for which the artist received the highest award given during the year of its first exhibition—depicts an episode that occurred in the reign of Louis XI. That king, having caused the Duke of Guienne to be poisoned, the younger brother of the duke, Charles of Burgundyknown variously as "the Bold" and "the Terrible"—made a foray into Picardy, partly for the sake of revenge, and no doubt partly for the sake of plunder. In his course, he besieged the little city of Nesle, the defence of which was short. The surrender of the city was mo sufficient for Charles. He ordered everyone to be struck down and everything to be destroyed. He caused his followers to cut off the hands of many of those who had borne arms   to oppose his entry into the city. Some of the terrified citizens who remained alive having taken refuge in the church, Charles, inflamed with victory and hatred, rode into the sacred edifice, crushing beneath his horse's hoofs the bodies of the defenseless fugitives, and inciting his soldiery to further rapine and pillage. This is the moment chosen by the artist for representation.

Commynes, a chronicler of the time, who was with Charles, protesting against these barbarities, Charles exclaimed: "Such is the fruit borne by the tree of war!"

Charles the Bold was killed at the battle of Nancy, in 1477. The massacre at Nesle occurred in June. 1472.

ST. JEAN, Simon—Born in Lyons Oct. 13, 1808. Died at Ecully July 3, 1860. Pupil at the School of Lyons and of Francois Lepage. Medals: 3d class, 1834; 2d class, 1841, 1855; Legion of Honor, 1843. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.

471 Fruits.

SARTAIN, William—New York. Born, Philadelphia, Pa. Pupil of Bonnat and Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Awarded, Medal, Boston; honorable mention Penn Academy of Fine Arts. Represented in many permanent collections. Member New York Art Club; one of the founders cf the Society of American Artists; member National Academy of Design.

472 On the Hill Road.

SONNTAG, W.L.,N. A. —New York. Born in Eastern Pennsylvania. Self taught. Member National Academy of Design, Artists' Fund Society and American Water Color Society.

473 On the Black Water, Va.

SISLEY, Alfred—Born in Paris Oct. 30, 1840. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.)

474 La Serpentine a Londres.

SCHWARTZE, Therese—Amsterdam. Born, Amsterdam. Pupil of her father. Awarded the King's medal, City medal, Amsterdam; gold medal, Salon, 1889; beside many honorable mentions at various exhibitions.

475 Bride in Old Boyerland.


SEWELL, R. V.—New York. Born, New York. Pupil of Lefevbre and Boulanger, Paris. Awarded Halgarten prize, National Academy, New York. Member National Society Mural Painters.

476 The Vintage Revel. (This received first prize at Boston, 1895.)

SOLOMONS, Aline E.—Washington, D. C. Born, New York City. Pupil of Washington Art Students' League. Member of Students' League and Washington Society of Artists.

477 Isabel Masquerading.

SWOPE, Mrs. Kate—Louisville, Ky. Born, Louisville, Ky. Pupil of National Academy of Design. Awarded gold medal Southern Art League; highest award Louisville Art League. Member Louisville Art League.

478 Revelation.

SIMMONS, John—Born at Nailsea, Somersetshire. Died in London, Sept. 15, 1839.

479 Jeune Garcon Avec Chien. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.

SHARP, J. H.—Cincinnati. Born, Bridgeport, Ohio. Pupil Carl Marr, Royal Academy, Munich, Chas. Verlot, Antwerp, Benj. Constant and J. P. Laurens, Paris. Member Society Western Artists, teacher Cincinnati Art Academy.

480 Rainy Day,

SCOTT, E. M.—New York. Born, Spring Water, N. Y. Pupil of Art Students' League, New York and Paris. Awarded medal at Atlanta. Member Woman's Art Club, Vice-President Water Color Club, N. Y.

481 Peonies. (Water color.)

482 Roses. (Water color.)


SANDHAM, Gwendoline—Boston.

483 "The Gate to the Meadow." (Water color.)

SMITH, Holmes—St. Louis, Mo.

484 "Fishing Boats at Inganish." (Water color.)

SMITH, W. Granville—New York. Born at Granville, N. Y. Pupil of Walter Saterlee and Art Students' League, N. Y.

485 New Faces in Old Places.

486 Yule Tide.

SIEBER, Edward G.—New York. Born, Brooklyn. Pupil of Ferdinand T. L. Boyle, Fleurry and Forrior, Paris. Awarded gold medal at Brooklyn Art Club, 1887.

487 In the Pool. (Long Island.)

488 A Cloudy Day.

STOKES, F. W.—Philadelphia. Born, Nashville, Tenn. Pupil of Eakins, Gerome, Lefevbre. Artist Peary Relief Expedition, 1892, etc.

489 A Greenland Valley. (Head of McCormick Bay, midnight, Aug. 6, 1892.)

STARK, Otto —Indianapolis. Born, Indianapolis, Ind. Pupil of Boulanger, Lefevbre, Cormon, Paris. Member Society Western Artists and Cosmopolitan Club, Chicago.

490 "The Committee."

491 "Idyl."

492 "Daffodils." (A portrait.) SICKERT, Walter—Glasgow, Scotland.

493 Street in Dieppe.

494 Chelsea.

SAWYER, Wells M.—Washington, D. C. Born, Iowa. Member Society Washington Artists.

495 A Transient Ray.

496 Solitude.

497 Landscape.


STEELE, T. C—Indianapolis, Ind. Born, Indiana. Pupil of Loefftz, Munich. Member Society Western Artists.

498 Stream in Winter.

499 September.

SHARP, J. H.—Cincinnati.

500 Lamenting the Dead. STEVENSON, R. Macaulay.

501 Landscape.

502 Moorland Pool.

503 Landscape.

504 The Half Moon.

STODDARD, F. L.—St. Louis. Born at Coalbrook, Canada. Pupil of Bougereau, J. P. Laurens and Ben;j. Constant. Member Western Association, St. Louis Art Guild.

505 The Coming Storm.

506 Sheep Pastures.

SANDHAM, Hy. R. C. A.—Boston. Born, Montreal, Canada. Pupil of O. R. Jacobi, and John A. Fram. Member Royal Canadian Academy, Boston Art Club.

507 "An Idyl of the Deep."

508 Blacksmith Shop. (Water color.)

SPENCER, Mary—Cincinnati. Born, Springfield, O. Pupil of C. T. Webber, Cincinnati. Member Woman's Art Club.

509 Washing the Baby.

510 Fruit.

SMILLIE, George H.—New York. Born, New York City. Pupil of James M. Hart, N. A. Awarded first prize American Art Association for water color. Member N. A. D. and American Water Color Society.

511 Autumn Afternoon.

512 Autumn Sunset.


SWORD, James B.—Philadelphia. Born, Philadelphia. Pupil of W. T. Richards and Pennsylvania Academy Fine Arts. Award, New Orleans Exposition. President Artist Fund Society: president Philadelphia Society of Artists; vice president Art Club, Philadelphia.

513 Something in the Wind.

SHEPLEY, A. B.—New York. Pupil of H. S. Mowbray, Jules Lefevbre, Benj. Constant. Member New York Water Color Club, Woman's Art Club of New York.

514 On a May Morning.

515 Madonna Expectant.

SMITH, MOORE—New York. Born at Stamford, Conn. Pupil of Art Students' League, New York.

516 Wages of Sin

SHURTLEFF, R. M.—New York. Born in New Hampshire. Member of the National Academy and the American Water Color Society, New York. (Loaned by Mr. William T. Evans, New York.)

517 Woods in Autumn.

SANDERSON, C. W.—Boston. Born, Brandon, Vt. Pupil of Boulanger, Oudinot and Van Borselau. Awards, second prize, by Boulanger Life School. Honorable mention, New York. Member Boston Art Club, American Art Club.

518 Landscape.

519 Roses.

SNOW, E. Taylor—Philadelphia. Born, Philadelphia. Pupil of Pennsylvania Academy Fine Arts. Art Commissioner to Tennessee Centennial. Fellow Pennsylvania Academy Fine Arts.

520 Green Creek, N. J.

521 October Morning.


STEVENSON, H. S.—Pittsburgh, Pa. Born at New Castle, Pa. Pupil of Bouguereau and Fleury.

522 The Captive.

SVENDSEN, Charles C—Cincinnati. Born, Cincinnati, Ohio. Pupil of Academy Julian, Paris. Member Cincinnati Art Club.

523 Out of the East. (Pastel.)

524 Maid of Bethlehem.

SATERLEE, Walter—New York. Member of National Academy of Design and American Water Color Society.

525 Portia.

SYLVESTER, Frederick Oaks—St. Louis. Born, Borlston, Mass. Pupil of Massachusetts Normal Art School.

526 The Bridge Over the Father of Waters. (The Mississippi at St. Louis.)

STACEY, John F.—Chicago. Born, Biddeford, Maine, 1859. Pupil of State Normal Art School, Mass., Boulanger and Lefevbre. Member Cosmopolitan Art Club, Chicago.

527 On the Way to the Spring.

SMITH, MOORE—New York. Born, Stamford, Connecticut. Pupil of Art Students' League, New York.

528 Saturday Afternoon.

TOULMOUCHE, A—Paris. (Loaned by William O. Cole, Chicago.)

529 "Lady and Parrot."

THOMAS, D.—New York, Born Aix-la-Chapelle. Pupil Dusseldorf Academy.

530 "Peruvian Indians en Fete."


TUXEN, L. R. —Copenhagen. Born, Copenhagen. Pupil of Royal Academy of Copenhagen and of Bonnat. Awarded, honorable mention, Paris and Berlin; two medals at Copenhagen.

531 Hager and Ishmael in the Desert.

TROYON, Constant—Born at Sevres Aug. 28, 1810. Died in Paris Feb. 21, 1865. Pupil of Rivereux and Poupart. Visited Holland in 1 847 . Medals: 3d class, 1838; 2d class, 1840; 1st class, 1846, 1848, 1855; Legion of Honour, 1849. Member of the Academy of Amsterdam. Diploma to the memory of deceased artists, Universal Exhibition, 1878. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.)

532 Charrette de Foin.

THORNE, William—New York. Born, Delavan, Wis. Pupil of Benj. Constant, Lefevbre and J. P. Laurens. Awarded, medal National Academy of Design, 1888; honorable mention, Salon, 1891. Member society of American Artists.

533 In the Studio.

THUM, Patty—Louisville, Ky. Born, Louisville, Ky. Pupil of Henry Van Inger; Metropolitan School of Fine Arts. Awarded honorable mention for magazine illustration at the World's Fair. Member of Louisville Art League.

534 "Roses."

TAYLOR, Elizabeth V.—Boston. Born, New Jersey. Pupil of Edmund C. Tarbell, Joseph Camp. Awarded the Sears prize, Boston Art Museum; bronze medal Nashville Exposition.

535 "Dorothy."

THOMAS, Grosvenor—Glasgow, Scotland. Born, Sydney, Australia. Member of the Royal Society of Scottish Water Color Painters and of the Society of Scottish Artists, Glasgow.

536 Night.

537 Hilltop.

538 Passing Cloud.


TORRENCE, James—Glasgow, Scotland.

539 Hydrangeas.

540 Honesty.

THOMPSON, Harry—Paris. (Loaned by Mr. J. H. Dole, Chicago.

541 In Picardy.

TAIT, Arthur F., N. A.—New York. Born, near Liverpool, England. Self taught. Member N, A. D. and Artists' Fund Society, N. Y.

542 Early Summer.

TRACY, Henry R.—Boston.

543 On Queechy Run. (Cape Ann.)

544 "In West Parish." (Gloucester.)

THAYER, Grace—Boston, Mass. Born in Boston. Pupil of Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

545 Fruit and Flowers.

546 Three Ivory Miniatures.

THOMSON. W. T.—Philadelphia. Born in Philadelphia. Pupil of Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Member of Philadelphia Sketch Club. Fellow of Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts.

547 Dying Day. (Water color.)

TRUESDELL, Gaylord S.—Paris. Born at Milwaukee, Wis. Pupil of Philadelphia Academy, Cormon and Morot. Awarded medals at Exposition of 1889 and Salon of 1892, Paris.

548 Sheep in Pasture.

TITIAN —Italian. One of the greatest colorists, not only of his own but of all time.

549 Nymph and Satyr.

UHL, Grace E. —Cincinnati, Ohio. Born, Shenandoah, Iowa. Pupil of J. Laurie Wallace and Art Students' League, New York.

550 Study Head.


VAN GOYEN, Jan—Born at Leyden, Jan. 13, 1596. Died at The Hague, in 1656. Dutch School. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.)


VAN MARCKE, Emile—Born at Sevres, Aug. 20, 1827. Died, Jan. 7, 1891. Pupil of Troyon. Medals: 1867, 1869 and 1870; 1st class, 1878; Legion of Honor, 1872; medal, Universal Exhibition, 1878.

552 La Traite. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.)

553 Returning from Pasture. (Loaned by Mrs. C. O. Hanford, Chicago.)

VIVIAN, G.—New York. Born, Venice, Italy. Pupil of the Royal Academy Fine Arts, Venice.

554 A Canal, in Venice.

VAN DE-R WEYDEN, Harry—Paris. Born at Boston, 1869. Pupil of Jean Paul Laurens, Fred Brown, Academy Julian, etc. Vice-President (1897) American Art Association, Paris. Picture in Weimar Gallery. Gold medal at Salon (Champ de Mars), 1891; 2d class medal, Antwerp, 1894; gold medal, Atlanta, 1895.

555 The Last Boat. (Antwerp medal picture. )

556 Conway River, Wales.

557 On the Zuyder Zee.

GIBBS, George—Washington, D. C. Born, New Orleans, La. Pupil of Corcoran School and Art League, Washington. Member V. P. Society of Artists and Water Color Club, Washington.

558 The Brawl.

VAN INGEN, W. B.—New York. Born, Philadelphia, Pa. Pupil of Eakins, Philadelphia; La Farge, New York, and Bonnat, Paris. Member Philadelphia Art Club, Fellowship Penn Academy of Fine Arts, A. L., New York; P. S. C. and M. A. S., Philadelphia.

559 Sunset and Moonrise.


VALENTINE, A. R—Cincinnati, O.

560 Meadow Land. (Water color.)

VAN DYCK, Anthony—England. (Loaned by Albert Ludlow, Waukesaw, Wis.

561 Four Ages.

WILES, Irving W.—New York. Born, Utica, N. Y. } 1861. Pupil of L. M. Wiles, Wm. M. Chase, J. Carroll Beckwith and Carolus Duran. Awarded, Hallgarten prize, the Clark prize, Evans prize, honorable mention Paris Exposition, medal at the World's Fair and at Nashville, Member Society American Artists, N. A. D., A. W. C. S., etc., etc.

562 Russian Tea.

WILES, L. M.—New York. Born, Perry, N. Y. Pupil of Wm. Hart and J. F. Cropsey, teacher Silver Lake Art School, New York.

563 The Last Day of Summer.

564 The Coming Shower.

WILLIS, Katherine—Omaha, Neb. Holland Patent, N. Y. Pupil of J. L. Wallace. Member Western Art Association.

565 A Character of the Missouri Bottoms.

WENDT, William—Chicago. Born, Germany. Self taught. Awarded, the Yerkes prize, 1893; Young Fortnightly prize, 1897. Represented in the gallery of the Cincinnati Art Museum.

566 Fallen Leaves.

WALTON, E. A.—London, England. Honorable mention, Salon, Paris, 1892. Associate of the Royal Scottish Academy; member of the Royal Scottish Water Color Society, and corresponding member of "The Secession," Munich.

There is more than the visible beauty of Nature in his pictures; they are imbued with that informing spirit which makes Nature more to us than mere inert matter. In portraiture, while never losing touch with Nature, he seems as muck preoccupied with beauty of color, tone and arrangement as with character, and this acute sensibility to beauty makes his pictures very fascinating.— Blackwood's Magazine, March, 1895.

567 Sylvia.


WOODBURY, Charles H.—Boston. Pupil of Academy Julian. Received awards, Boston Art Club, gold medal Atlanta Exposition, two medals Mechanics' Fair, Boston; second prize Nashville Exposition.

568 "North Sea Dunes."

WOODBURY, Marcia Oakes—Boston. Awarded medal Mechanics Fair, Boston; Prize, Boston Art Club; medal at Atlanta; honorable mention at Nashville.

569 Mother and Daughter.

WALL, A. Bryan —Allegheny City, Pa. Born, Allegheney City, Pa. Pupil of A. Wall. Member Carnegie Institute, Pittsburgh.

570 Sheep.

WIGGINS, Carlton—New York. (Loaned by William T. Evans, New York.

571 Evening After a Rain.

WUERPEL, Edmund H.—St. Louis. Born, St. Louis, Mo. Pupil of Bougereau, Fleury and others in Paris. Member American Art Association, Paris, Painters' and Sculptors' Society and Artists' Guild, St. Louis, Society of Western Artists.

572 The Pool.

573 Autumn Falling Leaves.

574 Study.

WHITTEMORE, W. J.—New York. Born in New York. Pupil of J. Carroll Beckwith, Wm. Hart, Jules Lefevbre and Benj. Constant. Silver medal, Paris Exposition, 1889; bronze medal, Atlanta, 1895. Member American Water Color Society, New York Water Color Club, Associate National Academy of Design.

575 The Puritan.

576 Vanity. (Water color.)


WILL, Aug.—New York.

577 The Old Homestead.

WUERPEL, Edmund H.—St. Louis.

578 The Night.

WHITEMAN, I. Edmund—Baltimore. Born at Philadelphia, Pa. Pupil of Boulanger, Lef evbre and Benj. Constant. Awarded honorable mention in Paris.


580 Hazy Afternoon. (Near Long Island Sound.)

WHEATON, Francis—Park Ridge, N. J.

581 Peace and Plenty.

582 Through the Whirling Snow. (Water color.)

WILLIAMS, DwiGHT, Jr.—New York Born, New York. Pupil of Prof. John C. Perry, Art Students' League, New York.

583 English Landscape.

WILLIAMS, Frederick B.—Glen Ridge, N. J. Born, Brooklyn, N. Y., 1871. Pupil of National Academy of Design. Member New York Water Color Society.

584 Sumner Idyl. (Water color.)

585 Autumn Oak.

WETZEL, George J.—New York. Born, New York City. Pupil of H. Siddons Mowbray, J. Carroll Beckwith and Wm. M. Chase. Member New York Fine Art Society, Salmagundi Club, Art Students' League.

586 Ruby Light.

WALSH, Richard M. L.—New York. Born, New York. Pupil of Art Students' League. Member of same.

587 Girl of Seville.


WILSON, Maude—Chicago.

588 Dutch Girl. (Water color.)

WARNER, Everett L.—Washington, D. C. Born, Vinton, la. Pupil of Art Students' League, Washington. Member Water Color Society.

589 "A Washington Thoroughfare."

WICOX, Beatrice C—Chicago. Born at Geneva, I11. Pupil of Art Institute, Chicago.

590 White Roses.

WHITEMORE, C—New York. Pupil of Cooper Union and George H. Smillie.

591 Forest of Fontainbleau.

592 Summer Day on Lake George.

WAIT, Lizzie F.—Boston. Born, Boston, Massachusetts. Member Boston Art Students' Association.

593 "Gazelle."

WADE, Caroline D.—Chicago. Born, Chicago, Ill.


WIGAND, O. C—New York. Born, New York City. Pupil of Art Students' League, New York; Boulanger and Lefevbre, Paris.

595 Spring in Brittany. (Water color.)

YOUNGLOVE Mary Golden—Chicago. Born, Chicago, Ill. Pupil of Art Institute, Frederick Freer. Member Art Students' League, Lake View Art Club, teacher of drawing North Division High School, Chicago.

596 Chrysanthemums. (Water color.)

YULE, Wm. Alexander—Paris. Born at Peterhead, Scotland, 1869. Pupil of Academy Delecluse, Callot, Delance.

597 The North Sea.

598 Housetops in Winter.


YATES, Cullen—New York. Born, Bryan, O. Pupil of Jean Paul Laurens, Benj. Constant, Academy Julian, Paris; W. M. Chase and Academy of Design, New York.

599 Solitude.

600 French Courtyard.

ZIEM, Felix—Born at Beaune (Cote d'Or) Feb. 25, 1821. Pupil of the Art School at Dijon. Medals: 3d class, 1851, 1855; 1st class, 1852; Legion of Honour, 1857; officer, 1878. Hors concours. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.

601 Val de Venise.

List of Original Drawings Loaned by the Century Publishing Company of New York.


602 George Bancroft...Jan., 1887


603 Statue of Ferdinand in Malaga Cathedral...July,1892


604 Nick Thought of His Mother's Singing. "Master Skylark." (St. Nicholas)...Jan., 1897

605 Do Na Thou Strike Me Again. "Skylark." (St. Nicholas)...Sep. ,1897

606 Why, Bless Thy Gentle Heart. "Skylark." (St. Nicholas)...Feb., 1897

607 "Go Home," said the Dwarf. (St. Nicholas)...Dec.,1896



608 The Pharos of Alexandria...Apr. , 1898

609 Grant's Tomb, exterior...Apr., 1897

610 The Spirit of Eternal Silence...Mar., 1898

611 Comte de Chambord and Deputation...Sep., 1897

612 Grant Mausoleum...Aug., 1897

613 "I leaned over the main hatchway holding a lantern." —Slave Ship "Cora"...May,1894

614 A Glimpse Into Paradise; Steerage Life of Today...Feb., 1898


615 Revery. (Monotype)...Feb., 1897

COX, Kenyon—

616 Bedouin Outcasts...Dec, 1888


617 The Calvary at le Folgoet, Brittany...Sep., 1897

618 Man of Batz and a Woman of Guimillian, Brittany...Sep., 1897

EATON, Wyatt—

619 Hjalmar Boyesen...Oct., 1877

FENN, Harry—

620 Meadow. (Prof. C. S. Sargent's Place)...May, 1897


621 The Great Hall of Prestwould, Virginia...Jan., 1898

622 Exterior of Skip worth Mansion...Jan., 1898

623 He Looked Up. "Story of the Sphinx." (St. Nicholas)...Unpubls'd

GAUL, Gilbert—

624 A Colonial Clergyman and Wife...July, 1893

625 A Chetah Hunt in Windsor Park...Feb., 1894

626 A Jamaica Kitchen...Mar., 1893

627 A Jamaica Home...Mar., 1897



628 Twelve-year-old Brides. (Colliery village of Pennsvlvania)...April, 1898

629 Pay Day, Colliery Village...April, 1898

630 Christmas in an Attic Home, New York..Dec, 1897

631 Hall Between the Presidential Offices...Mar., 1897

632 Emblems of Victory, Election Day in New York...Nov., 1896

633 Holiday Shoppers on Avenue A, East Side...Dec, 1897

634 Main Street of Lattimer, Pa...April. 1898

635 A Breaker at Lattimer, Pa...April, 1898

636 An Italian Quarter or "Patch," Lattimer...April,1898

637 A Factor in the Problem (Italian)...April,1898

638 "Big Mary." (Pole)...April,1898

639 An Italian, Cobbler and Miner, April, 1898

640 A German-American...April, 1898

641 An Irish-American...April, 1898

642 A German...April,1898

643 "Big Mary's" Husband...April, 1898

644 A Hun...April, 1898

645 A Room in Which Fourteen Live...April, 1898

646 Shoppers in a Jewish Metal Shop, East Side...Dec, 1897

LOEB, Louis—

647 Rome Took the Knife. (Cumberland Vendetta)...July, 1894

648 "I Can't Tell Which." (Pudd'n Head Wilson)...Jan., 1894

LUNGREN, Fernand—

649 Chinese Restaurant, New York...Nov., 1896

650 Battery Park, a Misty Night...Feb., 1897

651 A City Canon, New York...Feb., 1897

652 Street Market on the East Side, New York...Feb., 1897

653 Music Night in a Hungarian Cafe, East Side...Feb., 1897



654 Over the St. Gotkard, Alps...April, 1898

655 Zigzags, Galleries, Tunnels, Alps...April,1898

656 Devil's Bridge on St. Gothard, Alps...April,1898

657 Hospice on the Simplon, Alps...April, 1898

658 First View of the Rhone Glacier, Alps...April, 1898

659 The Mouth of the Simplon, Alps...April, 1898

660 Rhone Valley from the Tete Noir, Alps...April,1898


661 Malays Diving for Money, Java...Aug., 1897

662 Southwest Pavilion, Congressional Library...Mar., 1897

663 "Is You Gwine to Hush when You Spoke To?" (A Funny Little School)...Nov., 1897

664 Rotunda, Congressional Library...Mar., 1897 PYLE, Howard—

665 Surrender of Captain Pearson on Deck of the "Bon Homme Richard"...April,1895


666 The M an that Shot Sandy McGee...April, 1898

667 Down the Center...April, 1898

668 "Howdy, Mister Hoptoad." (St. Nicholas)...Nov., 1897


669 Coasting in Central Park. (St. Nicholas)...Feb., 1898


670 Convicts Passing a Shrine, Siberia...Nov., 1888

671 Hieroglyphic Stairway (Restored). Mysterious City of Honduras...Jan., 1898


672 He Lay Looking, and Listening, Dreamily...Jan., 1897

VARIAN, George—

673 Bob's Way. (St. Nicholas)...Nov., 1896



674 Colonel Duquin...April, 1898

675 Marshal Bazaine...Jan., 1898

676 Confirmation, Temple Emmanuel...Jan., 1892

677 Passover Supper (Jews of New York)...Jan., 1892

678 Asking Forgiveness of Sins (Jews of New York)...Jan., 1892

679 "I Knew They Would Wait for Me"...Sep., 1896

680 Jewish Wedding, New York...Feb., 1892

ZEHME, Werner—

681 In the Garden of the Hospital for Children, Kaiserwerth...Nov., 1895

682 End of a Night Watch, Kaiserwerth...Nov., 1895

SMITH, F. HOPKINSON—New York. Born, Baltimore, Maryland. Member of the American Water Color Society, New York. One of the most brilliant and successful of water colorists and illustrators in America.

683 Woman's Building, Nashville Exposition.

684 Manufacturer's Building, Nashville Exposition.

685 The Parthenon, Nashville Exposition.

686 The Rialto, Nashville Exposition.

687 The Memphis Pyramid, Nashville, Exposition.

688 The Woman's Building, Nashville Exposition.

689 The Old Powder Wheels, Nashville Exposition.

690 General Jackson's Birthplace.

691 General Jackson's Cradle.

CHAVANNES, Puvis DE—Paris.

692 Frame of Drawings.

693 Frame of Drawings.

BOURGONNIER, Claude—Paris. Born in Paris.

Pupil of Cabanel. Member Society of French Artists. Pictures in Museums at Aix-les-Bains, Grenoble, Limoux, Blois, etc. H. C.

694 Charcoal Study for the Son of the State.

695 Charcoal Study—for the "Temptation."


Loan Collection of Seventy-five Original Drawings by Charles Scribner's Sons, Publishers, New York.


696 The First Bales of Cotton. From "The One I Know the Best of All."


697 The Sword Dance. From "Siena."

698 Florentine Girls.

BLUM, Robert—

699 Waiting to Go On. "Behind the Scenes of an Opera House."

700 The Plank-way to Benten Cave, Enoshima. Japan. From "Japan, the Country."

CHAPMAN, Carlton T.—

701 "'Tis the Ghost of Ironsides, Come back from the tameless tides." From "The Frigate Ghost."


702 Una and the Lion.

703 Twilight. From "An Artist Among Animals."

CLARK, W. Ap^leton—

704 "Humanity's Strange," the Squire began slowly. From "Squire Kaley's Conclusions."

705 The Yard-master never even looked up from his bundle of freight receipts. From "007."

COWLES, Misses—

706 Daffodils that come before the swallow dares, and take the winds of March with beauty."

707 From "Old Time Flower Gardens."

COX, Kenyon—

708 "Lilith." From "The Nude in Art."


709 For myself, O Melampus! I sink into old age, calm as the settling constellations. From "Old Age—The Centaur."



710 The Working-Man Loves Eloquence. From "The Working Man."

711 A Breakdown on the Road. From "The Everyday Life of Railroad Men."


712 A Quiet Afternoon in the Tropics on a P. & O. Liner. From " The Art of Travel."

HERTER, Albert—

713 "Cor Peccatrix."

HOLE, William—

714 "The passenger standing alone upon the point of rook, a tall, slender figure of a gentleman, habited in black." From "The Master of Ballantrae."

715 "She lay head to the reef, where one huge blue wall of rollers was forever ranging up and crumbling down." From "The Wrecker."


716 Before the Cafe Riche. Boulevards of Paris.


717. "Higher than the Head of the Cross." Looking south from the roof of the building at Broadway and Pine street.

718 Night Gang at Work Pushing a Job Through. Sixth story of a building at Christopher and 9th streets.

719 A Deep Foundation in the Rock. From "The Modern Business Building."

720 Arrival of the Sunday Papers at the Depot in a Maryland Village.

721 Receiving the Papers from the Elevators.

722 An Old-fashioned Composing Room.


723 Saloon of a Greek Steamer on the Aegean Sea. From " Ocean Crossings."

724 Arriving of the Audience at the Stadion.

725 At the Zappeion. From " The New Olympian Games."

728 "Take this to John of Antioch, and tell him it is a gift from his former pupil." From "A Christmas Loss."


LOW, Will H.—

727 "Many a name have I heard," he thought, "but never a name like that." From "Ticonderoga."

LOWELL, Orson—

728 Over the Hills to Glen Eyrie.

729 Flower Carnival at Colo Swings. From "Life in the Altitudes, Colo."

730 Entrance to North Divinity. Late Afternoon. From "University of Chicago."

LYNCH, Albert—

731 Palm Sunday at the Madeleine, Paris.


732 Landing of the Allied Troops at Vera Cruz. From "Maximilian and Mexico."

733 I saw General Dufour lying on a sofa, his daughter kneeling by him on one side, a surgeon on the other.

734 He raised his sword, and gave me a swinging blow over my head with the hilt. From " The True Story of Commandant Lievre."

McCARTER, Henry—

735 Crowd Waiting for Returns in Printing House Square, and City Hall Park. From "Police Control of a Great Election."

736 Madame Cuano's Humble Pension.

737 There was a hush once more as the prima donna advanced to the edge of the little stone cornice. From "A Pension Love Story."


738 "That kind of an accident, " said he. From "The Wrecker."

MOWBRAY, H. Siddons—

739 The Centaur.


NEWELL, Peter—

740 "By George! I forgot all about this," said Podington, as he unfastened the cork jacket. From "The Buller-Podington Compact."

741 "It was Mrs. Buckingham, and she entered with a pie in each hand." From "A Guilty Conscience."

PYLE, Howard—

742 "I heard a land-breeze ca'" From "McAndrew's Hymn."

743 "She was silent for a moment, her eyes seeking the floor." From "In The Valley."

744 "My hatred of him seemed suddenly to have taken to itself wings." From "In The Valley."

ROBINSON, Theodore—

745 A Sardine Booth.

746 "Or resting within the shadow of ruined castles." From "The Pardonne of Ste. Anne d'Auray."


747 Bar Harbor. North shore of Mass.

748 Near the Hall of Mines. The great arches of the main building in the distance. From "The Making of the White City."

SMITH, W. Granville—

749 On a Forgotten By-way

750 Theatre Alley.

SONNTAG, W. L., Jr.—

751 "He took the eighty-foot bridge without the guard-rail, like a hunted cat on the top of a fence," From "007."


752 Dramatic Entertainment at the Boro of Hackney Workingmen's Club.

753 Socialism in Hyde Park, London. From "The Social Awakening in London."



754 The Bourse on August 6th. From "The Downfall of the Empire."

TITO, Ettore—

755 A Book Stall on the Corso. The Corso of Rome.


756 An Ambulance Call. The usual crowd and Dan. From "In the Hospital."


757 The Gorge d'Enfer. From "Izard Hunting in the Spanish Pyrenees."

VIERGE, Daniel—

758 Triple Challenge of D'Artagnan The Three Musketeers.

VOGEL, Henry—

759 "Eberhard not yet down," she asked, glancing into the work-room. From "Thalatta."

WEEKS, Edwin Lord—

760 A Long Step on the Grand Paradiso. Some episodes of mountaineering.


761 "She murmured again and again the beautiful name of him who had died to find it." From "The Source."


762 The Tenth Annual Dinner. She Threw me Over. Matrimonial Tontine Benefit Association.

WILES, Irving R.—

783 Jersey and Mulberry.

YOHN, F. C.—

764 Shake Hands wid me, Nigger.

735 He Dash de Water in de Man's Face wid One Han'.

766 De young 'Oman moan en cry out, "Oh, it can't be." From "A Run of Luck."


ZEZZOS, Alexander—

767 Regatta Day on the Grand Canal. The Grand Canal.


768 Prom "How Whalebone Caused a Wedding."

769 He Held the Coveted Brush in His Hand.

770 Blucher Unhorsed at Ligny. Campaign of Waterloo.

THOMPSON, W. T.—Philadelphia.

771 Strictly a Family Affair. (Black and white drawing.)

CURTIS, William Fuller.—Washington, D. C. Born, New York. Pupil of Jules Rolshoven, Robert Fleury. Jules Lefevbre. Member Society Washington Artists.

772 The Symphony. (Burnt-wood Panels.)

773 Mary. (Burnt-wood Panels.)

774 Miserere. (Burnt- wood Panels.)


TAFT, Lorado.—Chicago. Born, Elmwood, Ill., 1860. Pupil of Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Member National Sculpture Society, Society Western Artists.

775 Bust of Hamlin Garland.

776 Bust of Young Lady.

PFEIFER, M. C—St. Louis, Mo. Born, St. Louis, Mo. Pupil of R. P. Bringhurst, St. Louis School of Fine Arts. Awarded first prize St. Louis School of Fine Arts. Member Society of Painters and Sculptors.

777 The Pipeing Faun.


KEYSER, Ernest Wise—Baltimore, Md. Born, Baltimore, Md. Pupil of Maryland Institute Art School, Charcoal Club, Baltimore; Art Students' League, New York; Julian School, Paris; St. Gaudens, etc., etc.

778 Ophelia. (Marble bust.) Exhibited at the Salon Champs Elysees, 1897.

KEYSER, Ephraim—Baltimore. Born, Baltimore, Md. Pupil of Royal Academies, Munich and Berlin.

779 The Rose. (Statue in bronze.)

GRAFTY, Charles—Philadelphia, Pa. Born, Philadelphia. Pupil of M. Capu. Awarded, honorable mention Salon, 1891; medal World's Fair, silver medal at Atlanta. Represented in many collections.

780 Mauvais Presage. (Sculpture.)

LACHENMEYER, Paul—Philadelphia.

781 Mephistopheles. (Terra cotta.)

782 The Lorelei. (Plaster.)

POTTER, Miss Bessie—Chicago. Born at St. Louis, Mo. Pupil of Chicago Art Institute.

783 The Dance.

784 The Fond Mother.

785 Reading.

BRINGHURST, R. P.—St. Louis, Mo. Born, Jerseyville, 111. Pupil of St. Louis School of Fine Arts and Ecole des Beaux Arts, Paris. Awarded, medal of the 1st class at World's Fair, cash prize at Nashville. Member National Sculptors' Society, Western Artists' Association.

786 The Awakening of Spring. (Sculpture.)

CIANI, Victor—New York. Born, Florence, Italy. Pupil of Prof. G. Mantevende, Rome. Awarded Cavalier of the Crown of Italy. Member Architectural League of New York.

787 "The Trusty Friend." (Bronze statuette cast by the wax process.


WUERTZ, Emil Henry—Chicago. Born in Germany. Pupil of A. Marcie, A. Bodin, Chapu, Beaux Arts, Paris. Awarded medal at World's Fair, medal at Nashville. Member Cosmopolitan Art Club, Society Western Artists, Chicago Art Association. Drowned at sea, 4th of July, 1898, on La Bourgogue.

788 Murmur of the Sea.

789 Water Nymph. (Bronze.)

790 Truth Triumphant.

WILSON, Edward —Princeton, N. J. Born, York, England. Pupil of Dalon. Exhibitor National Academy of Design, New York; Academy of Penn, National Sculptors' Society.

791 Portrait Ex-President Cleveland, (Bronze.)

PERRY, R. Hinton—New York. Bom, New York City, 1870. Pupil of Gerome, Delana, Callot, Chapu, Puech. Member National Sculpture Society.

792 Neptune. (The central figure in fountain for the Congressional Library, Washington, D. C.)

ZEARING, H. H.—Chicago.

793 Lincoln. (Bronze Bas-relief.)


794 Victory of Samothrace.

One of the famous Static of Antiquity found on the Island of Samothrace in 1867. Its history was not known until about 1875 when the accidental discovery of a coin on which it was pictured and an inscription led to the knowledge that the original had been erected in commemoration of a naval battle fought off the Island of Samothrace about 306 B. C. The original marble is now in the Louvre, Paris,

ADAMS, Herbert—New York. Born, West Concord, V T t. Pupil of Mercie, Paris. Awarded diploma Exposition 1889 and World's Fair. Member Society American Artists, National Sculpture Society, Architectural League.

795 Panel Bronze Door. (Congressional Library, Washington, D. C.)



BROMWELL, H.—Denver, Colo.

796 Near the Timber Line. (Water color.)

BROWN, Ben. C—Pasadena, Cal.

797 Low Tide. (Water color.)

BOUCHE, A.—Paris.

798 Moonlight.

799 Landscape with Sheep.

CLARK, Arthur T.—Boston. Born. Boston, January, 1864. Pupil of Hy Sandham.

800 "An Abandoned Home."

CLARK, Rose—Buffalo, N. Y.

801 Early Breakfast. (Water color.)

CURTIS, A. M.—Boston.

802 Morning. (Painting-.)

De LUCE, Percival—New York.

803 In the Garden. (Water color.)

De ANSENZO, Nicholas—Philadelphia.

804 Franciscan Monastery.

ERTZ, E.—Paris.

805 Fireside. (Water color.)

806 The Vagabond.

De NEUVILLE, A.—Paris. (Loaned by Mrs. C. O. Hanford, Chicago.)

807 The Trumpeter on the March.

EVANS, Ethel—Omaha.

808 Peasants' Cottages.

809 Street Scene.

810 Interior of St. Etienne de Mont.

811 Notre Dame du Paris. (At Sunset.)


FORTUNY, Mariano—Spain. Born near Barcelona, 1838. Died, 1874. Studied at the Academie of Barcelona. Chevalier of the Order of Charles III.

812 Scene in Spain.

GRIMLUND, J.—Norway.

813 On the Beach.


814 Under Venetian Skies.

HOLM, N. S.—Lincoln. Born at De Kalb, Ill.

Pupil of Art Institute, Chicago.

815 Study of a Head.

816 Study of a Head.

HOWE, Josephine—Paris.

817 Reading. (Pastel.)

KELLY, Helen G.—Columbus, O.

818 One Case Miniatures.

Le ROUX 3 Hector—Paris. Born at Verdun (Meuse), France, on Bee. 27, 1829. Pupil of Picot. Charter member of the Society of French Artists. H. C. in both Paris Salons. Chevalier of the Legion of Honor and of the Royal Order of Isabella the Catholic. Officer of public instruction (France).

819 Claudia-Quint a—A Vestal Virgin. (Ovid-Fastes.)

LELOIR. Maurice—Born in Paris Nov. 1, 1853. Medal: 3d class, 1878; Legion of Honor, 1894. Hors concours. Member Society of French Artists. (Loaned by Durand-Ruel, Paris.)

820 Le Boudolr de Madame. (Water color.)

MURPHY, Dudley—Boston.

821 The Cloud.

ORSELLI, A.—(Loaned by W. A. Redick, esqre.. Omaha.)

822 "Venetian Gondolier." (Water color.)


PALMER, Pauline L.—Chicago. Bom, McHenry, Illinois. Pupil of Art Institute, Chicago.

823 The Winter of Life.

PETITJEAN, E. —Paris. (Loaned by Hon. J. N H. Patrick, Omaha.)

824 Marine.

PEZANT, Aymar—Paris, France. Born, Bayeux, Calvados. Pupil of Dominique F. de Vuillefroy, Paris. Honorable mention, Salon, Paris, 1883; medal, 3d class, 1888; honorable mention, Exposition Universelle, 1889; medal, 2d class, 1890. Member of the Societe des Artistes Francais.

825 Cattle in Winter.

SOUZA-PINTO, Jose Julio de—Paris. Born at Terceira, Portugal, in 1857. Pupil of Cabanel. Member of the Academy Porto. Pictures in the Museums in Melbourne, Australia; Monte Carlo; Rio de Janeiro; Amicus, and the private collection of the King of Portugal. 2d class medal, Paris Exposition, 1889; 1st class medal, Nice, 1884; 2d class medal, Rio de Janeiro, 1894; 1st class medal, Atlanta, 1896. Chevalier of the Legion of Honor, Chevalier de Santiago de Portugal.

826 The Gate. (The Harbor.)

ROECKER, H. Leon—Chicago. Born, Burlington, Iowa. Pupil of Academy of Design, Chicago, Royal Academy, Munich. Awarded honorable mention, Munich; Yerke's prize for Landscape, 1894; Architectural Club prize, 1897. Member Cosmopolitan Club, Chicago.

827 November. (Old gold and blue.)

RIGHTER, A. L.—Lincoln, Neb. Born at Monroe, Wisconsin. Pupil of Chicago Art Institute, Art Students' League, N. Y., and Dupre, Paris.

828 In the Orchard.

829 A Collection of Miniatures.


SMITH, Carl F. —Paris. Born in Cincinnati. Pupil of Academy Julian, Bougereau, Ferrier and Girardot. Member American Art Association.

830 A Late Return.

SPIRIDON, Ignase.—Paris. Pupil of the Academie of Rome.

831 My Lady's Pet.

SYLVESTER, F. O.—St. Louis.

832 East Bridge, St. Louis.

TAYLOR, Elizabeth V. —Boston. Born, New Jersey. Pupil of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston.

833 Study of a Girl in Pink.

VEDDERS, Elihu —Six original decorative panels. (Loaned by Curtis and Cameron, Publishers, Boston, Mass.

834 Good Administration.

835 Corrupt Legislation.

836 Government of the People by the People for the People.

837 Minerva, Goddess of Art and Literature.

838 Peace and Prosperity.

839 Anarchy.

WIGAND, O. C—New York.

840 By the Sweat of His Brow.

WORSWICK, Alice—Oskaloosa, Kan.

841 One Case Miniatures.

WAIT, Lizzie F.—Boston.

842 Phyllis.

HUDSON, Grace—Ukiah, Cal. Born, Potter Valley, Cal. Pupil of San Francisco School of Design. Awarded, medal by the San Francisco Industrial Exposition, medal and honorable mention World's Fair.

843 "The Orphan."

844 Help on the Dow.


CHI S'AINTA, DIOL 'Ainta—Rome. (Loaned by Mr. Arthur S. Potter, Omaha.)

845 The Little Student.

PATERE, Volere E.—Rome. (Loaned by Mr. Arthur S. Potter, Omaha.)

846 The Little Sewing Girl.

SEAVEY, Lilla B.—Denver, Col.

847 Writing to Papa.

BROOKS, Maria—New York.

848 "Lazy as Lazy can be."

HOLLOW AY, Edw. Stratton.

849 "Daylight."

850 Hermes—Bust.

851 Venus of Milos—Bust.

(Loaned by Woman's Committee; donated by Ch. Hennekke & Co., Milwaukee.)


Made by Ad. Braun et Cie., Dornach, Paris and New York. Loaned by Mr. H. P. Whitmore, Omaha.

Gallery, Nos., Artists, Titles

Vienna, 34020, Bonvicino, St. Joshua.

Vienna, 34285, Rubens, Second Wife of the Artist.

Madrid, 51055, Velasquez, Christ on the Cross.

Harlem, 74, Franz Hals, Reunion of Officers.

Louvre, 1708, Murillo, Immaculate Conception.

Louvre, 1713, Murillo, Holy Family.

Borne, 286, Raphael, Transfiguration.

Dresden, 80, Raphael, Sistine Madonna.

Dresden, 1546, Ruysdael, Landscape.

Amsterdam, 313, Rembrandt, The Syndics.

Pl. Off, 1267bis, Botticelli, Virgin and Infant Crown'd

Pl. Off, 1289, Botticelli, Virgin.Inf ant and 6 Angels

Sculpture, 817, ..., Apollo of Belvidere.

Sculpture, 1150, Michael Angelo, Moses.

Amsterdam, 118, Heist, The Banquet.



Gallery, Nos., Artists, Titles

Antwerp, 315, Rubens, Descent from the Cross.

Berlin, 19615, Murillo, St. Anthony & Christ—child

Berlin, 646, Holbein, A Portrait.

Berlin, 671, Van Eyck, Singing Angels.

Berlin, 19672, VanEyck, Angel Musicians.

Berlin, 825, Watteau, A Fete.

Dresden, 921, Rubens, Sons of the Artist.

Pl. B. A., 40, Botticelli, Spring.

Pl. B. A., 44, Botticelli, Three Archangels & Tobias

Pl. Off, 626, Titian, Flora.

Pl. Pitti, 178, Raphael, Madonna del Granduca.

Hague, 111, Paul Potter, Bull.

Hague, 115, Rembrandt, Lesson in Anatomy.

Licht, 75, Franz Hals, A Citizen of Harlem.

London, 672, Rembrandt, Portrait of the Artist.

Sculpture, 83, ..., Parthenon at Athens

Sculpture, 148, ..., Arch of Constantino.

Sculpture, 343, ..., Milan Cathedral.

Sculpture, 372, ..., St. Mark's Cathedral—Venice

Sculpture, 1139, Michael Angelo, David.

Vienna, 34282, Rembrandt, Portrait of His Mother.

Rome, 66, Titian, Sacred and Profane Love.

Modern, 9638, Wertheimer, Guardians of the Temple.

Luxemberg, l3212bis, R. Bonheur, Oxen Ploughing.

Madrid, 51059, Velasquez, The Forge of Vulcan.

Madrid, 50866, Murillo, Infant Jesus and St. John

Madrid, 50014bis, F. Angelico, Angel.

Versailles, 13601, V. LeBrun, Marie Antoinette & chil'n

St. Peter'b'g., 74, Luini, Portrait of Young Woman

St. Peter' b'g., 576bis, Rubens, Helen Fourment—Artist's Second Wife.

St. Peter'b'g., 805, Rembrandt., Artist's Mother.

St. Peter b'g., 1136, Ruysdael, A Swamp.

Rome-Vat, 54, Raphael, L'incendie du Bourg—Complete.

Louvre, 35, Boucher, Shepherd & Shepherdess.

Louvre, 315, C.Lorraine, David Consecrated King by Samuel.

Louvre, 316, C.Lorraine, Ulysses Restores Cryseis to Her Father.

Louvre, 372, Greuze, Broken Pitcher.

Louvre, 374, Greuze, Young Girl.

Louvre, 468, Lancret, A Music Lesson.

Louvre, 469, Watteau, Innocence.

Louvre, 1600, L. DaVinci, Portrait Lucretia Crevelli

Louvre, 1601bis, L. DaVinci, Mona Lisa.

Louvre, 1968, Van Dyck, Children of Charles I.

Louvre, 1967, Van Dyck, Portrait of Charles I.

Louvre, 2384, Hals, A Gypsy.

Louvre, 1731 , Velasquez, Portrait of Infante Maria Marguerite—Daughter of Philip IV.



Nos., Artists, Titles

2u, Gazzoli, Three Singing Angels.

4u, L. Da Vinci, Study in Drapery.

7u, L. Da Vinci, Head of a Man.

6u, L. Da Vinci, Young Girl's Head.

8u, Franciahicio, Bust of a Young Girl.

9u, Pollajnolo, Two Male Figures.

l0u, Michael Angelo, Caryatide of Sistine Ceiling.

llu, Michael Angelo, A Sybil of Sistine.

15u, Raphael, Deliverance of St. Peter.

16u, Raphael, Nude Figure.

17u, Raphael, Water Carrier—Vatican.

3, German School, A Sybil Seated.

13, Albr. Duerer, Two Equestrians.

14, Albr. Duerer, Head of Angel.

16, Albr. Duerer, Head of Man.

23, Altdonfer, Nativity.

30, Holbein, Henry VII.

216, Holbein, Head of an Old Man.

55, Rembrandt, A Lion.

67, Rembrandt, Circumcision of Christ.

112, Peter Lely, Prince William of Orange and Mary of England.

113, Casper Netzscher, Kettle Mender.

116, Ruysdael, Ruins of a Castle.

117, Ruysdael, Two Peasants Huts.

125, Backhuizen, Battle at Sea.

126, Hobbema, Landscape.

133, Rubens, Landscape.

142, Montagna, Terpsichore.

144, Bartolomeo, Female Head.

159, Montagna, Madonna and Two Angels,

184, Veronese, St. Frances.

200, Claude Lorraine, City by the Sea.

201, Claude Lorraine, Italian Landscape.

211, Greuze, Head of a Young Girl.

24u, Verrocchio, Head of an Angel.


186, Tintoretto, Head of a Man.

1u, Botticelli, Three Singing Angels.

5u, L. Da Vinci, Female Head.

12, Holbein, Head of a Woman.

13u, Pesellino, Reclining Female Figure.

83, Rembrandt, Woman Sitting.

21, Mantuzna, Judith with Head of Holofernes.

These drawings, from collection of Mr. George Busse, New York City. Mr. H. P. Whitmore, agent, 1519 Dodge street, Omaha, Nebraska.



From the collection of Mr. George Busse, New York. Loaned, by Mr. H. P. Whitmore.

Artists, Titles

Blecker, Portrait of a Knight.

Van Dyck, Portrait of a Knight.

Floris, Bean Feast.

Zandams, Falconier.

Holbein, Portrait of a Merchant.

Moor, Man with Gloves.

Rembrandt, Artist's Family.

Rembrandt, Christ and Martha.

Teniers, Alchymist.

Tintoretto, Lute Player.


Lucas Van Leyden, Portrait of Himself.

Van Dyck, Study Head.

Rubens, Portrait of Himself.

Rembrandt, Dutch Merchant.

Rembrandt, Dutch Merchant's wife.


The Copley Prints.

Being reproductions of notable paintings publicly and privately owned in America; also of the mural decorations in the new library of congress at Washington, the Boston public library, and other public buildings. Curtis & Cameron, publishers, Boston.

EDWIN A. ABBEY.—"Pavanne."From the original oil painting, owned by Hon. Whitelaw Reid.

KENYON COX.—"The Sciences. "From the mural decoration in the new library of congress at Washington. "Astronomy " is the central figure, and on either side are figures representing "Botany," "Geology," "Physics," "Mathematics," "Zoology," etc.

WM. M. HUNT.—"The Discoverer" and "The Flight of Night." The originals, long since destroyed, were in the New York state capitol at Albany and were among the very earliest mural decorations in America.

"Fortune." —A detail of "The Discoverer," as above.

JOHN LA FARGE.—"Athens." The most recent mural decoration in America, being for the Walker Art building at Bowdoin college, Maine.

"Mary" and "St. John." Two panels of a triptych, originally executed for a church, but now privately owned.

GEORGE W. MAYNARD.—Ceiling decoration in the new library of congress. The figures represent "Courage," "Valor," "Fortitude," "Achievement."

GARI MELCHERS—"Peace." A mural decoration in the new library of congress.

PUVIS DE CHAVANNES.—Portions of his mural decorations in the Boston public library,


JOHN S. SARGENT.—"Frieze of the Prophets." A mural decoration in the Boston public library.

EDWARD SIMMONS.—Mural decorations in the criminal courts building', New York, representing "Justice," "The Fates" and "Liberty, Fraternity and Equality."

"The Months." Mural decorations in the new-Waldorf-Astoria hotel, New York. The complete series represents the twelve months and the four seasons.

ELIHU VEDDER.—"Minerva." A mosaic decoration in the new library of congress at Washing-ton.


The original finished cartoons in oil for Mr. Yedder's decorations in the new library of congress at Washington. Mr. Vedder has chosen for his subject the " Minerva of Peace."


This consists of a series of five paintings; in the first —

"Government," the central figure, is that of a goddess, as she may be considered, sitting on a marbio seat or throne, which is supported on posts whose shape is intended to recall the antique voting urn.

"Corrupt Legislation" is represented by a woman with a beautiful but depraved face, sitting in an abandoned attitude on a throne, the arms of which are cornucopias overflowing with the coin which is the revenue of the state.

"Anarchy" is represented raving upon the ruins of the civilization she has destroyed. In one hand she holds the wine cup which makes mad, and in the other the incendiary torch, formed of the scroll of learning. To the right, Violence, his eyes turned to gaze upon the cup of madness, is prying out the corner-stone of a temple. To the left, Ignorance, is using a surveyor's staff to precipitate the wreckage of civilization into the chasm which opens in the foreground.


"Good Administration" sits holding in her right hand a pair of scales evenly poised, and with her left laid upon a shield, quartered to represent the even balance of parties and classes which should obtain in a well ordered democracy. To the left is another voting urn, into which a young girl is winnowing wheat, so that the good grains fall into its mouth while the chaff is scattered by the wind.

In "Peace and Prosperity" the central figure is crowned with olive, the emblem of peace, and holds in her hands olive wreaths to be bestowed as the reward of excellence. On either side is a youth, the one to her right typifying the Arts and the other Agriculture.