Nebraska's Educational Exhibit



Active Work Commenced on Arrangement of Booths for the Display.

Active work has been commenced on the booths for the Nebraska educational exhibit and the manner in which the work is laid out gives assurance that in setting and extent, at least, the Nebraska exhibit will be a memorable one. The exhibit will occupy all the north and east sides of the gallery of the big Manufactures building and the east half of the south gallery. The gallery is thirty feet in width all around and this space will be divided in such a way that a long series of rooms will extend through the middle of the portion to be occupied by this exhibit. This long room will be eighteen feet in width and an aisle six feet in width will extend along the sides of the room. The long space thus enclosed will be subdivided into rooms sixteen feet in width by short walls extending out from either side, these short walls forming a passage-way ten feet in width entirely through the enclosure.

The walls forming this series of small rooms will be thirteen feet in height and on these will be displayed the cardboards to which will be attached the specimens of school work. The wall next to the gallery railing will be elaborately decorated with flags and bunting above a point seven feet from the floor. The section of the exhibit booth directly opposite the main entrance to the building will be in the form of a series of arches rising above the height of the other portions of the wall and on these arches will be the name of the exhibit.

The central portion of the east gallery will be devoted to the exhibit to be made by the University of Nebraska and this is marked by a series of arches similar to those heretofore referred to, but on a more modified scale.

The erection of these booths is in charge of Prof. C. W. Stuart, assistant to State Superintendent Jackson. He has four men employed and every effort is being made to push the work to completion before the exhibits begin to arrive in large numbers. The exhibit of the Lincoln Normal university was the first to arrive, having been received early in the week, but the great bulk of the material is not wanted before the 10th inst., by which time it is expected that the booths will be ready for mounting the exhibits.