Arthur Mees: The Leader of the Thomas Orchestra



The Leader of the Thomas Orchestra.

Arthur Mees was born in Columbus, O., where his father, for more than fifty years active as a minister, is still living. At an early age Mr. Mees had opportunity to exercise his talent for conducting both in church and concert. After having completed his college course he turned to Europe, selecting as his teacher on the piano, by the advice of Rubinstein, the celebrated Theodore Kullack. Theory he studied under C. F. Weitzmann, score playing and orchestral conducting under the late Heinrich Dorn, the veneralble [sic.] teacher of Schumann. At the same time he supplemented his knowledge of chorus conducting by assisting at the rehearsals of the Cecilian society of Berlin, under the direction of Alexis Hollander. On his return to America he took up his residence in Cincinnati, O., where he became the assistant of Theodore Thomas, and after the latter's return to New York took charge of the May festival chorus, which through his efforts became the most efficient large body of singers in the country. Mr. Mees then joined the American Opera company as assistant conductor to Theodore Thomas, and after the collapse of that organization remained in New York, where his services as conductor were in constant demand by different societies. Two years ago he was Induced to remove to Chicago for the purpose of organizing the Orchestra chorus and assisting Mr. Thomas. There his literary efforts in writing the analytical notes for the programs of the Chicago orchestra have met with unqualified approbation.

Mr. Mees has proven himself a most talented conductor during the engagement at the exposition. He is not only a fine musician, but he also combines the rare qualities of a high-bred gentleman. He is modest to a degree and makes friends wherever he is and whatever he does. It is noticeable that the usual conceit of noted persons is lacking entirely In his character, and with his winning personality is bound to have successes in all his undertakings. HANS ALBERT.